Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It’s 3 a.m and I’m still up ^_^ Oh from “^_^” I just remembered that I’m in love with it [^_^] I’m high, not-sleepy, bored, and unwanted ^_^ Listening to the weirdest songs ever ^_^ <-- this is so cute =] see ---> ^_^ *hehem*
I’m sitting on the chair with blanket around me =P It took me 10 minutes setting the blanket =/ so I could sit comfortably =/
So I’m not going to add anymore pictures or stuff =/ Because a few people think that I’m copying Rija’s and SaraH’s blog ^_^ and if your thinking that too…I hate you =] not my fault I like it this way =/ and that because I didn’t know how to add pictures and stuff before =/ Yea fine I was dumb =D and many people might have blogs like this =/ But whatever ^_^ So when I feel like editing it and making it look different…I will XD
But do I have to? It’s my blog =(
The guy who sang “Fairytale” surprisingly turned out to be really cute and young =
[Yes Hajra he IS cute =/ either your taste sucks =] (L) or I’m a loser *hehem*] And mayyyn Freddie Prince Jr. is freakingly adorable = and and Dean [Jenson Ackles] too = Yeah I started to watch “Supernatural” again =D I’m on season 4 =D *d8*
Yesterday I had many dreams XD Good and bad XD from all I just remember one =
And it was freaking weird =/ like Enrique was at my house = ENRIQUE IGLESIAS =
Yes that handsome awesome Mexican singer = but it wasn’t the old him…he was a teenage boy =] and still cute =] and he had this cool beard-type-thing =] he was wearing a red shirt =] and we both were good friends = and and = we both were cooking something together = and there is music on in the background = and…Annie’s room…behind the door = and at the same moment mum came home =P but guess what = mum knew him = like =P you know knew knew him =P Mayn the dream was so real =
My foot is sleeping *BAH*
Crap =/ I still haven’t decided the clothes for tomorrows surprise birthday party for Zunaira =/ When I told dad about it…he was like: “ Huh? What? A surprise birthday party for Zunaira…which she knows about…and is at her place =S” *hehem*
Hayye melay dad =] (L)
One week left for school XD I want to stop time = I don’t want it to end =( Dammit NO XD
“…you see love at first in summer time…that’s when you think that everything’s right…
no one ever thinks its going to end…but when things go wrong and winter comes…you’re going to need to run to someone…left alone…you’ll just freeze again…
But you should know…when it gets too cold…you’re not alone…I’ll melt the snow…But you should know…when it gets too cold…you’re not alone…I’ll melt the snow…” (8)
We discovered a lot of cool things in biology in the last week ^_^ like if the crocodile or alligator eggs…well jonsay bhi thay…are kept in place in a temperature of less than 32 or more than 33…they always hatch into females = Isn’t that cool =?
Imagine agar humans main bhi agar aisa hota *hehem*.
My foot is sleeping ^_^ aaah ha ouch.
Last week, in school, my foot slept while I was walking to the class =/ and it was bio ka lesson :O Ms doesn’t like it at all if you’re late XD So I stood waiting for it to get up =P I looked like an idiot =/ even the Chinese/Philippine/Korean/Japanese [wherever she is from =P]
Auntie asked me what was wrong =P Mayn her voice is really good =] like I heard her singing when she was cleaning the door =] nice (Y). I like her =]
“…I got a question for you…see I already know the answer…but still I wanna ask you…that why…you made me cry…do something behind my back and try to cover it up…yes I’ll be faithful…” (8)
*Yawn* I think I’m sleepy ^_^
My middle fingers hurt ^_^ I swear I didn’t do anything ^_^ and I have a bruise on my right knee ^_^
Does anyone care =/? Well, I don’t care if you care or not ^_^ No but I want all of you to care (A) makes me feel special =P and happy =P
*Sleeps on the chair*
-10 minutes later-
*gets up*
G’nyte world =] Sleeptyte =] Sweetdreams =] Take care =] and have a nice day tomorrow =]
[I hope I didn’t make any mistake today ^_^ but I know I did =/ dude I read my post billion times before posting it =P I just don’t find my mistakes =/ Mayn, I suck (H) =)]

[Wrote this post yesterday night and didn’t get time to put it up ^_^
Anyways, got loads to blog about today’s surprise birthday party =D Will do it tomorrow inshAllah =)]

[That was very mean of you =) Yes you =]]

Um, stupid computer is not showing the stick-type-thing of tht emotican =/ Just showing "=". Uff whatever ^_^

A new begining.

My first post =D
“…shortie get low low low…” (8)
“Second bright moon” because this is my second blog…and it is equally important to me as my first blog…which I love a lot…and is really dear to me =]
Started a new blog because…I don’t know =/ like I felt different back then and now I feel different XD and want to get over all that that happened =] and start all over again…
Man that witchy laugh =P Sorry guys =P
I’ve been acting weird all day…Maybe it’s because I drank water that was highly chlorinated =/ The taste was fine…but I could smell it…and because I know that high levels of chlorine can be harmful, I have a weird feeling in my throat = and my sister is sure that it’s an imaginary pain =P Yeah it might be =/ Ugh. My bad habit =/ =P
Or maybe it’s because I drank pepsi after so long =/ [long = One week]
Or maybe because I haven’t slept well in a while =/
Or maybe all three =P
*eating a biscuit* want to eat? No. Okay ^_^
How could they do such a mistake =/ Dude it’s drinking water =/ What if I die from it now =/? Hmm =/
Are my eyes growing bigger =O? Or I’m just noticing them properly now =/?
Naah =/ I know my eyes…I mean that that…that I know my eyes =P I love them <3
Dude the new Dove shampoo has such a strong smell…like really strong…I got sick of it in 2 days = But it’s cool (Y)
And when I came from school today…changed…and man my shirt smelled different…smelled really nice =D I was shocked in the beginning =/ like I mean where did it come from? *Hmm* Well, who cares =P As long as I smell good baby (H)
“….I don’t know why…I love to see you cry…” (8)
Do ants eat salt? Do they have TV’s? And furniture? Ok enough =P
Anyways they are daymn annoying =/
I’m tired =/
Will blog soon =]
Bye world.
*flying-kisses* (K)