Sunday, July 5, 2009

All good things come to an end.

So this is going to be my last post on "Purple Skies To heavens" XD Don't ask whyXD
One week and 3 days more for school to go XD The time just like flew by...I don't want it to end now...not that I want to study =/ Just that...I don't want to be alone XD Everybody is going to go XD and I won't be seeing them for so long...I love my class =] (even the ones I don't like much)
Yesterday I was really pissed because Ms. Rubilla said...that no more color days for us...and that they will think about crap =/ but today she told us at hometime that we could have it this week...Hmm whatever ^_^
My hands look ooglay with short nails =/ and I'm wearing pink on Wednesday =D and no idea what I'm going to wear at zunairas birthday party (which she knows about) which is at my place =P
Weird day =/ Took cherries for my bio girls XD and and because of SaraH me and Rija are going to be busted by Ms. Rubilla tomorrow =/ She wouldn't let us to the physics practical...we don't have a single reading =| and the graph and planning *horrified* ugh whatever =/ have double maths =P I shall sit and copy (H) and then Hajra called...making sure I'm alright...XD...and I was telling her about something XD [dudy-something] and we both were laughing...and she was "awww-ing" as usual...when I just suddenly began to cry XD I had just realised once again...that I won't be able to hear...that voice again XD
Well...everythings happening too fast XD The Dudy-thing...schools ending...Bhai still hasn't come XD...and ontop of all this SaraH is leaving XD any day this week XD Man the last time you went for two days...and i cried =/ whats going to happen to me now XD? If I was a witch =/ I would do magic and change everything =/ SaraH I love you =] (L)
And mum and dad and Annie were gone for groceries...I locked the door...and their I was crying once again XD but man that song was weirdly nice (Y) =]
".....Everybody move your body now...tomorrow is a good day...everbody move your body now...forget about the blue days..."
And when they came back...I finally talked to dad about SATs...and he said yes...don't know why it shocked me XD I just wasn't expecting him to say it easily...or maybe I'm just worrying too much...about being a burden...want to help my parents XD...and I can only do that by getting good grades at the moment XD...Just pray that the little hope I have in be a successful young support my dad...stays thereXD stays there till I can do something big XD
Annie is gone out with her friends...and mum was forcing me to go with her...mums notice everything =] She could see...that something was bugging me...eating me from inside...something that made my eyes and nose red...said go get some fresh air...go enjoy life for must be tired by always staying indoors and alone...insisted alotXD...but I didnt have the heart to go...didnt feel like enjoying...just wanted to be alone...once again...and wanted to write my last post XD...Man my hair look nice (Y) (H) but mum still hasn't seen them *hehem*
yes yes mums notice everything =P but i have tied my hair and put clips all around =P
*achooo* Alhumdulillah =] [Rija/SaraH/dudy----> Yarehmakullah....Sheena = Ya-hadee-kumullah...hmm I suck at spellings =/ are those right?]
Want to write more...but I don't have much time right now...
" one else could make me sadder....but no one else could make me fly higher..." [dudy]
Hajra thanks for being there like almost everytime XD A heart to heart connection =P You called at exact times...when I was extremely upset and could take no longer XD
And thanks to Rija for listening to the crappy music i force her to listen =| Sorry man XD
And SaraH =/ I love you alot =] (L)
Bye everybody =] Thanks for reading my blog =D everything has to come to an end XD
This blog is my life =] mentioned all that I can think of in itXD its...its me XD
Goodnight world..sleeptyte...sweetdreams....take care...have a great life =]
" live your life..."