Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd Dec. =D BAKESALEEEE!!!

I’m happy XD :) I’m really happy :D Lalalaaaa I’m HAPPPY :D Ok yes you get the point :P I’m happy :P *hehem*
It was just an awesome day :D I have SO much to tell you XD. Lol. I don’t know if people think I’m insane or not Cuz they don’t know who I’m talking to :O! :P
But I know it. You know it. [hopefully -_-] And that’s all that matters to me =D
I don’t know why but I was scared to blog in the past few days. =/ Anyhow.
I guess the fear is gone…And here I am tun-tanaaaaaaa :D
Oh oh you should so see this pinkish nail polish Annie bought :D It’s SO nice :D
And I had one pack of Maltesers yesterday and one today :P :D Do you like Maltesers =)? How come I never asked you that =/.
So I got a “D” in Bio’s unit :P I don’t know how :P I did study -_- I made notes. I did all I could :’( This year…I’m SO bad at all the three subjects XD. Like I do understand everything. I get physics too. But when I’m doing the test…I don’t know what happens. I do the silliest mistakes ever =/
LOL! I love putting an Auto-message :P I just put one right now :D
"Sheena *Auto-message: Crap. YOU just disturbed ME! I was blogging. *g1* I hate you. Asshole. :P” Yes I know you never liked me saying bad stuff :P
But do you care now :O!?
Acha so khair had an awesome day on Monday too :D We went to King Khalid hospital =D It was just so cool =/ I fell in love with everything there. XD.
I want to be a Doc SO badly now -_- Wish I could do magic :D I’d be doing an operation right now *hehem* Lol. Yes I’m still lame :P
I miss my cell phone XD. Its just so weird…The way we fall in lowe with things XD. Or people 8-) I was mean at times. I know. And I think of SO many things I said and did…I want to say sorry XD. I’m sorry :’)
So khair :D I’m fine :P I’m fine finneee fineee… FINEEEE XD :D LOL! Sorry -_-
And today was a good day.
Did you know that when the music is loud the frequency of our body matches that of the music :O! So we dance :O! Lol. Yes we did it in physics today :P There was this question…And I knew this was the answer…But when Mrs. asked…I stayed quiet thinking if I said it out loud everyone will laugh :P
Then we set all the tables…fixed the charts…Set the dishes…Wore our Abayas and waited for Sir Tanveer :D He was impressed :D And we took a picture with him :D And and andd andd I just loved the selling part :P I was so hyper…I was kinda yelling “Home baked double chocolate chip cookies” or or “BUY IT NOW!” :P
And I was SO happy every time someone bought it :D And lol even the few bad ones were sold =/ :P
Can you believe it…Mrs. R. saw the cookies and asked me if they were Kabab =/
I was like “o_O!!” :P
And we had no food left in the end :O! and we were soooooooo tired….Then A. and S. made Coffee for the whole class :D And my cofffeee ended up on me -_- And the teacher passing by thought I puked :P And said “tut-tut-tut” =/ I was like “Mrs. It’s coffee” :P
And my middle finger is still blue :S Hurts when I press it XD. And we took a few pictures too :D And in the end Mrs. Sameena bought us Pizza =/ I love her <3.
I got two slices *d4* :P
And then when I came home I didn’t even change…went straight to the kitchen and started baking brownies for Annie :P She has a function in her college :D
I hope it goes well XD. She was nervous XD. =)
Oh and Bhai is coming [iA] :D I shall try all my best to take my cell back :P
And I THINK I lost weight :P Just a leeeeeeeetle bit :P Cuz my Shalwar was loose to me today :O! :P :D
And yes. I’m proud of you :) Got a good score mA :) XD. Keep it up :D
Anyhow. Guess that’s it for now :D
Don’t want you to be bored :O!! You take good care of yourself. AND EAT!! -_-
And sleep early *okm* =P *hehem*
And and anddddd um….G’luck :D For everything –
Bye XD.

[I hope this post was “me me” :P Because Zunman did not like my latest posts :O! =|
Everything changes with time =/ Did I change :D? If I did….TELL ME NOW!! Leave a comment *okm*] =D
[Oh oh and yes I dared myself to stay happy allll the day :D :P Lets see :D]

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi :D
I’m so sleepy…I will sleep at 9 today ^_^ Seriously.
And I’ve ditched physics right now…And am posting :P The unit test is on Tuesday XD.
Guess I’ll pass with a D again :P Or fail *hehem*. Ahaha No. I WILL pass XD. =D
So I have been going through stuff XD =P Like this feeling…Which is not good =(
You know Mrs. S. was mad at us for some time XD. Whether it was because of some one else…or me XD. I just felt bad XD. Whether she read my blog or not…And THAT very specific post in which I wrote some mean stuff XD. I’m sorry = I’m really really sorry XD. I just feel SO bad XD. She is my teacher after all XD. And I love it when she’s happy…and cracking jokes in the class…It feels so good. XD.
It was really hard for me to look up at her since Wednesday…or was it Tuesday when she said that we learned our lesson…?
And not only her…Even Mrs. Sameena = I was looking down the whole time today XD.
I feel guilty. And bad.
Guess I was just really upset that day…The pressure had been building up inside me =(
My tiny little brain :P And heart XD I’m still a kid I guess XD.
I had to take it out. And I did. And then I even learned a lesson XD.
Khair. I took it out :D This thing was bugging me SO much XD!
You know the other day we were studying about the different types of muscles…and how Rigor Mortis sets in….And how Antagonistic pairs work…and the bones…the process of decomposition…And I was like SO SO SOOOOOO amazed XD…
Everything is perfect…How your muscles contract using Calcium ions XD. The way the food you eat is broken down by respiration in the Kreb’s cycle…The way the heart muscle contracts spontaneously and never fatigues XD.
It left me shocked…Now when I move my arm…I recall the processes taking place within a few seconds…It’s just…Great…I’m speechless XD
I lowe you God. XD :)
And I will sleep at 9 ^_^ No matter what ^_^
G’nyte. XD :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Title-less =P

Hi :D :P
I’m tired…Like really really tired =/ Dimagh ghoom raha hai -_-
Just came from Zunmans place…Did physics kay pastpapers….If I was at home…I would’ve been sleeping after solving the first page :P *hehem*.
And I was acting like a kid -_- Sorry Zunman :P
So…Umm…LOL! I cut Rija’s hair at school =P Me, Rija and SaraH were in the bathroom :P And gr-10 girls kept on knocking on the door ^_^
I’m SO SORRY Rija = I mean…Really sorry :$ I think that you and SaraH should now say…“Never ever ever ever ever never ever never never ever ever EVER NEVER EVER!!....NEVER EVER GET A HAIR CUT FROM NOSH!!” :P
They’ll grow back soon :$ *hehem* :P You can cut my hair someday :$ :P
And and yes…I love you too Hajra XD. And hahahahaha you sounded so…lol..full of life when you called :D Now you’re back…Our moms will get tired of us =P
*Tweets again*
Ahahaha :P *coughs*. I just tweeted about the lizards :P And if you don’t read my tweets I will tell you here =P Nae choro gi :P
So lol…The maid killed a lizard with her foot today at school = *dies*!
Khair…I broke a lizard egg :D Bachi thi =P
And phir the whole week I felt that my left hand got infected :P It looked yellow to me :P
And In grade 7…I touched something in the lab…And tub bhi I thought my left hand got infected -_- It looked purple to me :P And I went crying to Mrs. Sameena :P
I lowe her <3.>
She is the best teacher <3>
Khair no more school talk :D
I wanted to blog yesterday...But couldn't...I wanted to blog
SENSES!!! = =p I was just in my room last night...and I realised that I have all = :D
And believe was SO...Thankful to God Xd. I just thought of those people who can't feel sorry for them =
And my mom always told me to be thankful XD I never paid attention....never noticed how important these things are XD I was just so busy thinking I'm not pretty =p
And that I'm darker than my sisters XD. That doesn't matter..Right?
I can hear :D
I can Tallkkk lallllaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D
I can smell :D All that yummy food ^_^ :P Ain't I a kid? :P
And tun-tana-na-na-na I have the most beautiful hands :D :P Oh lol yes that ain't a sense...But it is a part of one :D TOUCH! :D
*cough* I'm SO sad :( Because I posted this post and something effingly went wrong...and like SO much of it was missing XD...And I can't remember it *cry1*..
Khair...LOL! I was just SO high a minute ago :P And was going nuts :P
And now I'm crying over my post :O! :P Tut-tut-tut Psh. Bachi ^_^ :P
*Sigh* I guess I'll just stop here :D
G'nyte, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams. XD

I love my Mom. Dad. Bhai. Annie. Laiba. Rija. SaraH. Hajra. Zunaira. Express. Haya Mohammad. My whole class =p All the babies in the world <3. butameez ="p]">
Not to forget John Thornton :D
Lowe you too --
[Oh yea and the title :P *coughs* I couldn't think of anything :O! :P]
[Oh oh and LOL! I reached the twitter limit XD. Soo I CAN'T TWEET ANYMOREEE!! *sniifff*
Laters then :(]

Friday, December 4, 2009

Losing XD.

Hey XD.
I could’ve tweeted about my feelings today just like any other day…But I don’t know why am I blogging…Maybe because I haven’t blogged in ages…Maybe because not many people read my tweets…or simply…maybe because I wanted something like what I’m going to blog today to you know…you know :P Yeah. Get it :) :P *hehem*
So I just realized today…My problems are not worth crying XD.
Money comes and goes, right?
All that matters is that you have the people you love with you. XD.
Today I saw a mother crying…Who lost her son yesterday XD. He was just 2 and a half year old…
And I was just looking at her…And she was talking about him…
“Mera beta…Mera beta..” XD
I had tears in my eyes XD. And they buried him in Jeddah…And you know…It’s cold there…And she was like “Usko saardi lagri hogi..”
Imagine a father burying his own son XD. Imagine a sister losing her brother =
I can not =/ I will not. I can’t think of losing my brother…And so I always pray I die before him =.
And that little boy has a twin sister XD. She is adorable…She was just wandering around…had no idea what’s going on…
How would she feel when she grows up…and finds out that she had a twin brother XD.
After looking at her a few times…and kissing on her cheek…I went in Zunman’s room…and we both started doing physics…And she came…and sat in my lap XD.
And and my arms were around her… I made her draw stuff…and then she pointed at my hand telling me to put it around her hand…so we both could draw together XD.
Such Cuteness I tell you XD.
Everybody loses somebody XD. Leaves a mark behind. Nobody can cover up.
This is the way it goes XD.
I have SO strong…like..Emotions in me right now…That was the best way I could describe it XD But…I just can’t write the way I feel right now…
Khair XD. May God give patience to all those who have lost somebody XD.
Guess that’s it for now :)
Schools starting on Sunday XD. Lol. Ab tau ge kaam say main :P
G’nyte – Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams. Take care.
Lowe ya.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

With a broken heart...

Hey XD. (=
So I have finally moved all the posts here…[and because I didn't want to lose the comments I got...I copy pasted 'em too *shows teeth*] *sigh* Yes…I missed this blog like sooo much XD. It’s me :D Like that new blog…was not me :P It was so…lol funnily weird and ugly ^_^ I’m not into…You know what I mean…What am I saying *confused look* ^_^
I remember writing somewhere earlier in this blog…Wait lemme find it…
Yeah this:
“…we all have different views about things...couldn't blog because of 3 things =( one I never got the right time...second I felt as if I you know my blog is useless and careless piece of I write because it feels good...but I also write because I know my friends would read it...but like what’s the use =/ you guys know me so well...and thirdly I didn't want to blog because checkout my blog man =P such a stupid layout =/ check out the colors =/ look at the titles I gave =P I mean I don't know =/ It's just this thing in me...I feel as if you Rija's and SaraH's and Dudy's blogs are perfect =) and and everything is like arranged properly and it looks nice...You guys are so neat =/ and I'm's hard to believe I'm a part of you guys XD and here I am saying it again...we all are different =)…”
And here I am…saying that I love this blog XD no matter how simple the layout is…or how dumb the titles are…I like it…I love it =)
So I’m having one of those days again…When I’m sad for no reason...or maybe there is a reason…but it’s not like something I should be worried about…It’s like…*sigh*
Its just confusing :P I’m fine in school…When I’m surrounded with the people that make me smile XD…And when I come home…everything just changes…not that I don’t love my family…I love them XD…but it’s like I stay in my room the whole day…and that’s what messes up everything XD it gives me time to think =/ And when I start thinking…I usually end up being sad XD.
I start to think about you. I think about my future. I think about my family. I think about all the possible things that could happen to me =/
And then I don’t stop…One thought just leads to another…
So like today…I was fine in school…Double bio went great XD Studied HIV…And lol Cuz Mrs. Sajda said no one is allowed to go out when free…The maths girls had to stay in class :P
Then free till break…Then Double Chem…She came in the class…And did not look up…Avoided eye-contacts…Just because of what happened XD l felt REALLY bad =( Because I wrote mean stuff in my blog =/ And *sigh* I thought I’d delete that post…but I just didn’t XD…
Anyhow she just finished the chapter…gave us the test…and went…and it was such a LONG test = Khair then had single physics -Yayness- Then yogggaaa :D
Omg did you know I can make a 90 degree [is there that degree sign anywhere :O!?] with my back :D :P and and that rolling back step…I LOVE IT :D!!! It’s so much fun :D SaraH said that I look like a ball when I do that ^_^
And Mama bought Cookie pudding last night…I took one pack to school…Yeah it was a mistake ^_^ :P I ended up feeding SaraH and Rija ^_^ Like literally ^_^ :P They are sitting and acting like kids…and I would take a spoon full and put it in Rija’s mouth…then SaraH’s ^_^
Theennnnn When I came home…my mood changed :O! What is wrong with me :(
Like I know what is right…I know it’s wrong to think about you now ^_^ Or maybe that’s not wrong :S Ok well that’s not the point ^_^ The point is…Ok wait its just that…Can’t you understand what I’m saying right now XD?
I’m a confused person ^_^ like no…It’s like I have it all in my head…It’s just not coming out :O!
I can’t…I just can’t =/
My lip hurts :( It’s been two days ^_^ And and I got this baaaddd cut on my hand =/
Almost 10…I can write more but am like….sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired *shows teeth*.
G’nyte XD, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams. (=

Я все еще люблю тебя.

Holding on..

Omg omg omgggggg :D I’m blogging :D :P Lol After SO long =D Happiness. Yayness. Lameness *shows teeth* :P
Not getting time to blog these days…By the time I come back from school…I’m dead tired ^_^ And like no ones home when I come…So I change…Clean around…and then set the lunch for everyone…make tea…And then wait for every one to come back :D And then I eat with them XD.
Even though I’m so tired everyday…I just do that because I love my mom XD. And because she is so tired when she comes back…And Annie too….and Laiba is just 10…And dad…Lol How can I make my dad work :P? Lol though he loves to do all that :P He cooks good :D Spicy ^_^ At times we have to pull him out of the kitchen ^_^
So in the end it’s just me :D
And I feel good…when I see their faces…when they see that everything is set before they come XD. I just love doing it. (=
Then till 3 to 3:30…I just chill…sit around…tell mom what I did in school…then I take half an hour taking out my books ^_^ :P then from 4 to 6 or 7 I study :D and then come on…but yesterday and today…I was SO tired…that I slept ^_^ And upar say I was so like…upset…confused…heartbroken :P
Like day before yesterday…I got scolded in physics :O! Wasn’t even my fault =/
Thank you SaraH Malik ^_^ I so hate you for that :P So like because SaraH doesn’t like physics…her head rolling here and there…usually on my shoulder :P…Was writing on my book :O! :P And Mrs. Saw that ^_^ And she comes and says to me…
"What are ju doing? Come and sit in the front” ^_^
And LOL I gave the silliest and the most unexpected answer EVER! I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that =/ And am not telling you what I said :$
So I went and sat sub say agay ^_^ MERI baisti ^_^ BleUgh. SaraH =/
Then today…Mrs. Sameena scolded me :O! Ok not scold…mockingly she said to me…
“That shows your lack of interest I Biology…”
And I was HEARTBROKEN (U) *sniff* What have I ever doneeeee?!?!?
Ok yea I know…I left one question =/ ONE FREAKING FUCKING QUESTION =/ Truth bolo daant paray….Na bolo tau she’ll say you should’ve told me before…and after the class even Hiba said…
“Kissnay kaha tha itni honest bano” =/
Mrs. Sameena is the last teacher I’d ever lie to :( Ok fine maybe I did deserve to get scolded…Because she never scolded me :P and because I did not do ONE question ^_^
I was just upset…cuz Bio is the only subject that I ever study properly…the subject I love…And stuff stuff :(
Not that I don’t try =/ I work when I need to :P
Yes yes we need to work hard to get bla bla bla =/ and I don’t get a good grade cuz I don’t work hard enough =/ You want me to be a nerd with a boring life with no net and just books books and books? You want me to sit in the side of the class where the nerds sit :O!? You want me to sit quietly :O!? You want me to not laugh :O!? lol yeah this is the kind of nerds we have in class…They don’t talk ^_^ Not friendly :O! Don’t do aerobics or yoga with us :O! How can I be like them :O!?
Ok who is saying be like them ^_^
Khair lol I got a C in the test :D :P in Bio and chem. :D Physics main tau D aya aik test main and B in the other one *shows teeth* :P
And we get so much hw…like not like SO much…but enough to make you busy for a long timeeeeee…and to drain all the energy out…that you don’t feel like doing anything after your done…other thn net :P cuz it does not require a lot of energy :P Bhait ker use kero ^_^ And lol I’m just getting lazier day by day ^_^ No exercise in school [yes other thn that ONE class of yoga or aerobics in a week ^_^] …no basketball….just glued to the chair…or just eat in break…and lol you think I’d exercise at home :P?
NO! Hell fucking no *shows teeth*.
Lol and then Mrs. Sajda says you guys have nothing in your life to do…bla bla bla…
Ok enough of complaining :D And backbiting 8-) :P
Other then that…we 3 [Rija, Sarah and me]…do not waste a single minute we have :O! :P Lol but today break was the only time we 3 were together…and Hajra “kidnapped” me :P Lol cuz we both hadn’t talked in ages either…She takes ICT…doesn’t take Bio or Phys…So when we are free…she isn’t…and same goes for Rija :( A math girl…With 2 bio ones :D We fit in :D Perfectly. We complete each other XD (=
And I’m so used to wearing this hair thing…That when I take it off… I look weird :D
And lol yes I’m excited for the colour day on Wednesday :D :P Not a big deal…just that FINALLY some colours in this dull small green and white school ^_^ And like we look like prisoners in class :P Cuz we still haven’t bought the coloured scarves ^_^ Thought of buying turquoise :D So Mrs. said that we wear black abaya ones till we get those ^_^
So black and white everywhere you look…It’s a tortureeeee :O! mental torture :O!!
Yes yes no complaining :D I’m a happy lil fat girl who wears glasses and gets busted usually :D :P
And I had to blog for SaraH…for her birthday…on 12th October :$ And I didn’t :$
I’m SO sorry lowe :D (L).
:’ll just write all I wanted to…But lol I don’t remember anything :$
*thinks of something good*
Yes… :P Lol ok I can’t think of anything :P :D Umm….
Yesss…You’re 17 :D :P Bachi ^_^ Turgid lady. Nerd. Freak Racist. :P
You’re the best God given gift XD.
A good daughter…A good sister…A good human XD.
A person who wears colourful socks everyday :P [Yes, you to Rija :P Lol kia baat hai :D Colourful people :D]
And I love your hair cut :D
You’re tortured with me :P Help me to survive :D Eat my lunch ^_^ :P Lol and I eat yours ;P
Was your last birthday with me XD. Lol and that day sucked :P Were not free :O!
But we did have fun last year with the ice-cream you brought just for me and Rija :D And we ate it…melted ^_^ cuz we were not free :( :P Sorry couldn’t do anything special that day XD. Middle of the week…and SO much work ^_^.
I owe you a big one XD…We’ll do something soon :D Just once again…Happy birthday SaraH :D I love you a lot. :D And if I ever get scolded cuz of you again…You’re SO dead (= :P
Ahh my head is spinning….*faints* Can you believe it…I had 3 cups of tea today =
This is called Hajra-Nazir-affect ^_^.
And I hate that Viruses and Bacteria walla chapter ^_^ Ewe. Boring.
It’s not hard…I just don’t like it =/ I’d love to study something about Humans :D
That chapter is just like…uff whatever ^_^
Hiba was saying again…that she’ll be so sad after A2 finishes =/ Cuz no more Boobalina :P And I was happy ^_^ :P No more making fun of me :P
I’ll miss everybody SO much XD. More than 12 years in this school XD.
I saw it change :D :P Get jealous :P *sticks tongue out at you* :P And now I hate it so much :D :P The only good thing I got in the end…was friends :D :P
I guess this is enough for now =D
Will blog whenever I can next time :D
It’s 12 :O! Bed time for Cinderella ;P :P
G’nyte, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams…Take care…and have a nice day tomorrow :D
Bye XD.

BleUgh. =P

BleUgh…School is starting in less then two weeks from now =/ Kill me =/
I don’t know how it’s going to be in the new building…with NO BASKETBALL *dies*…
*sigh* Daaant alag paray gi =/ :E bahahhahahah Do I care =p? Actually you know what…I do care =/ :P
So I slept in the morning…and then I got up around 11…and heard mum talking to Annie in a low voice…Well I am the type who’d just go back to sleep…but didn’t today…heard them…and then my eyes were wide open…not believing what I just heard…might not be a big deal for you guys…for me…it was like…the world has come an end…and I was just staring at the ceiling…everything was a blur…and then I finally got out of bed…wore my glasses…and went and sat in Bhais room… and my mom was just trying to pretend it’s okay…but I saw tears in her eyes…and I tried giving her hope which I had lost myself long ago XD
All I want is to see my parents happy…
Dad was really upset too after he heard about it…And then when we had dinner…it was so weird…Everybody was quiet…I hardly ate…I couldn’t look at mama…Dad said he didn’t feel like eating…so he wasn’t sitting with us…and Bhai was like okay…
Well he’s a grown-up and maybe he’s used to this stuff by now…and he understands more…I don’t XD 17 but I don’t want to accept the truth as it is…Can’t it change? It has to change…Not for me…Atleast for my parents XD I just want to see them happy =)
Blegh…My hiccups ain’t stopping =/
I had a dream…that I had 9 followers :P =D Somebody please make my dream come true =D :P :E
Thank you Rija XD Saying it 10000000000000000000000000000000th time that I love u =P and lol yeah I wasn’t pissed at for what you did with me :P that podcast thing :P just was a little shocked after hearing my own voice :P it was SO SO SO ugly =/
And you to Hajra =D *hiccups* for calling :P Finally ^_^ :P
Blegh and I think Sarah died =/ Haven’t heard from her…haven’t seen her on either :O!!!
Getting fever =/ Blegh swine flu hogia hai :P bahahaahaah I’m gna die =D =
Lol Rija and I still think that we both have cancer =/
Blegh you called ME an idiot :O!! =P bahahaahh lol I feel weird =/ but YOU called ME an idiot :O!!! like YOUUU =/ You you =/ *hehem* *mental* :E
Blegh whatever ^_^ Grow up Nosh ^_^
Guess that’s all I wanted to write =) No actually I have SO much to write about =/ But don’t feel like writing :E



Can you see it =D? That small dot type thingy on my nose is the nose sticker thingy :D :D :D :D
How does it look :D? Lol my nose looks SO long ^_^ lol weird picture but whatever *d4*
I took the picture just right now =D I was gnna crop it up more but then =/ How will you know how does it look by just seeing me nose ^_^ :P Soooo :D :D :D?
Real main the sticker looks much larger =/ lol Zunaira is blind ^_^ :P
I want the pierce so badly now =/ But what if it hurts =?
Lol the last time when I got my ears pierced like in gr-7...I cried even before something happened =/ Like my Aunt...She's a doctor...She did it at home :P I saw the large needle and I was gonna faint =P but then when she gave the anesthesia...I felt no pain...I had freaked out thinking about that huge needle in my ear :P =)
Nehow...Pray I get it done soon =)


Heyy =D
Really tired right now…still trying to get a good picture of my nose =P
Mum said I could get a nose-pierce *d4* Annie wants one too now =D Dad was okay with it =P Laiba said I looked good =D and Bhai…umm he doesn’t care cuz it’s not his nose =P
My nails look big today =/ Crazy *:M*
Hina called today =D She’s still in a shock with that Izza-getting-engaged-thingy =P
We talked and talked and talked…till I had to close it =( Cuz had to get ready…lol she’s not doing the physics hw cuz I’m not doing it *hehem* Marain gay duno =P pehlay hi we both got a C in physics =/ Whatever *d4* Annie said getting a C in physics was great =P =D Or was she just trying to make me feel better =/?
Lol I tore my trousers from the weirdest place ever 8-) =/ Lol like I didn’t do anything =P khudi phut gaya (A) :P
I’m SO not looking forward to going to that new building thingy =( I’ll die = and get more fat = Like basketball was the only exercise I got =/ Though I never ran =P but still man =/ Where ever you look there is a wall = [lol yeah exaggerating :P]
Ok I’m blank now =/ nothing to write about…I’m not even thinking anything =/
Nehow G’nyte then =D
Take care…
[Gosh btw I was missing my old blog today =/ Like a while ago =P I check it often…I miss using it =/ and love it’s name thingy =/ and and its simplicity =/ but back then the thought of it being simple bugged me…I might start using it again…]

Ways of life.

I’m good =) Had a nice day…at Areejs place =D All we did was…laugh…laugh...laugh…ate…laugh…watched a movie [“The girl next door” XD It was an awesome one XD True story…In the end when the girl died…I had a tear in my eye…lights were off…wanted to cry more…but then I didn’t wanna look like a baby infront of Rija and Zunaira and Areej once again =P So I controlled…it was so sad…wanted to cry because aik tau to some extent I know what the real girl had actually gone through XD…and secondly…gosh XD Wish I could do something for these kinda people…girls who are raped…used as a source of pleasure…tortured…I will inshAllah…Wait and watch you f****** men…Like you have no idea…I can explode with anger right now…man and that girl was just 19 = assholes *g1*…you should watch it…If it doesn’t move you…doesn’t touches you…means you don’t have a heart =/ means you don’t understand what it feel likes to be in her place XD…Gosh I’m pissed XD…] and then ate…and then laughed….then Rija left…and we 3 did make-up *hehem* =P Was fun =D I’m actually good at doing it =D Used the liquid liner for the first time…and had put it on Areej as smooth as possible =D
And right now I have that nose-stud-type-sticker on my nose =D I’m not gna take it off =/ If the glue finishes I’ll put more glue =/ I LOVE it (L)…I so want to get a real one =D I will 8-) Some people said it won’t look good on me…or that I’ll look to desi =/ and somebody also said that the innocence and grace on my face will vanish if I get a nose pierce =/ But I will get it done 8-) I mean what the hell =/ Let me try it for once =/ If it doesn’t look good I’ll close it up by not wearing nething for a month or so =/
I know it’ll look good =/ Like I’m 100% sure it will look good =/ InshAllah after A2 *evil laugh* you all will see it (H) =D *d4*
Nehow I tried taking a pic of my nose only =P So I could put it up here…but I couldn’t =/
Am eating pakoray (H) With ketchup =D yummy yummy yummy yum =)
“I’m counting the seconds until you break the silence…” (8)
Somebody please go get water for me ^_^
Ok I’m pissed =/ Zunaira was transferring me the pictures and I was transferring a song to Hassan =/ When Annie closed the DSL ^_^ Cuz her wireless wasn’t working =/
And now she turned it back on =/ Gna explode with anger again =/
My anger is so bad =P Rija hates me when I’m angry with SaraH or something =/ Cuz I start ignoring her too then =P Alay meli bachiiiii =D (L)
I smell of…something =/ like weird :S Whatever ^_^
So anyways fish food khatum hogia tha at sehri time…so then when leaving for Areejs…the shop was closed ^_^ and then when we came back at around 10:30…got the food…and man the fish were so still = I felt so sorry = My poor fish =( Murr jati tau =(
Lol my mum and dad talk to them =/ My mum says she can hear em talk =/ Gosh parents… =P
It’s just that…at my place…Those goldfish are least liked by me =P they give me shivers =P I’m disgusted or something =P but if something happened to them…I would’ve cried my eyes out = the house would feel empty without them =
My fish babies *cry1* =P
Omg! Areej has a fish…it’s flat = like flat = like a paper = What the…!! =
Did you know she has a blind cat =? Sadness man =/
I cut my nails like a month ago…and they still haven’t grown :O! Yeah fine I’m exaggerating =P I mean they did…but not as long as they usually do =( My pweety lil nails =( =P Yeah yeah you must be happy 8-) =P
Aaahh dad’s home =D *runs and meets him* =D *d4*
Yayness he bought pepsi…O crap =/ It’s diet walli =/ Oh well…that’ll work too *d4*
So mums friend…who is a maid in the infant was over at our place like a while ago…and she has like around 3-4 kids…husband had some problem in leg…and I met her…she was so nice…and motherly…and I felt so sorry…cuz it’s Ramadan and Eids coming too…and she has not much of money now…and so mum had some money saved so we could buy some grocery…she asked me if she could give those…I said yeah mom…and I wanted to cry so much…I wanted to give that lady all I had XD…and I was just thinking that why does God do this…? I know I know it’s a test for us...Gosh see!! You made me cry again = I’m such a cry baby = And she was wishing all good luck and stuff XD and and she pulled my cheek too and said I’m really pretty *cry1*
She also said that my mom was working really hard for us…and that she is a really nice lady XD
I love you Mom!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
Ok and now this next part of the post is just for Rija…I know I have explained you this thing with Sarah 2 years ago too XD…and here I am saying it all again…well not all =/ Cuz I don’t remember what I said =P and as you said before that my telling you won’t help…cuz you have moved away…but as a friend…it’s my duty to tell you…though I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say XD…I know I’m not a very good muslim myself…and not only you but there are thousands and maybe millions of people who have questioned stuff about Islam…and nobody has all the answers...and I did not exactly understand when you said…“there’s something more to just then God..”
I mean “WHAT?” :S I know you have all the right to believe in what you think is right…ok I don’t what am I saying :S I don’t have any proof or any valid reason…but all I know is that there is a God…we are his people…Day of judgment will come…when you guys will believe everything…but then it’s going to be late = and I don’t want you to go to hell man = Cuz you are a REALLY good person = maybe I go to hell =/ but not you man =/ I know you as well as you know me [though you don’t think so =P it’s just that unlike you…I keep my mouth shut =P] so in short please fast = I will read and search on some stuff :S and tell you :S or I will give you those books :S
I suck :P I didn’t even give a reason :S or anything :S =/
*bangs head in the wall*
I will give you a lecture =P But with Sarah =P I don’t think I can do it alone…
I love you a lot =)
Hmm I so don’t feel like reading all of this again….and taking out my mistakes….if I have done or said something wrong…please be my guest to correct me =)
G’nyte…Sleeptyte…Sweetdreams…Nice day tomorrow =)
Love you all.
Take care.


So I found out the reason of me not blogging =P It’s simple…When the net is on…I’m so interested in doing this and that that I don’t feel like blogging =P And when it’s off…there is nothing to do ^_^ So yayness blogging zindabad ^_^ =P
Gosh I just got a weird burp and it made me cough = With tears = =P *d4*
*remembers the burps they do in class*
*bangs head in the wall*
Anyways…So…I love you all =) =) =)
No specific reason to be happy XD…I should be crying…swearing at my life…worrying about my future…I’m doing none of that =/ =P
A loser like me…a cry-baby…is happy :P yayness :P
Ok ok I’m not a loser :P Just said it =P huh :O! What did you say…I am a loser :O! I hate you. =) *mwah* SEE! I’m nuts =)
Yes yes I’m high…
I’m as happy as a…ummm…a-a-a….er….is there any animal that laughs a lot =P?
Nae bhi hai tau it’s ok…I’m a new specie (H) =P
Ok so I finally decided that I’m gna do Bio ka hw in the last week ^_^
Proud of me =P? I know I know 8-) you’re not. Always disappointed you I guess XD…
So now my cell phone is literally covered with “love” stickers ^_^
I’m such a girl =/ Lol Areej wanted them…thought I’d give her all =P
Neways Eid is coming…no plans as yet…haven’t bought anything….Thought I’d invite Rija again…but then thought about her parents =/ Would be alone then =/ Well, we’ll see…
=) Cow <3 =D =P I must have said it like a thousand times….and here I am saying it again…you are VERY important to me *cry1* =D =P
And I love you a lot =P!!! *d4*
Yeah Sarah I love you too ^_^ :P and lol not a single picture of us came out good 8-)
Yeah so one thing I noticed was…that being happy changes everything…heard it does…but when I actually experienced it…I believe it now….for free…makes everything look beautiful…nothing matters…No one can hurt you…and stuff on :P
And yes the more I tell people to be happy…the happier I get myself =D :P
Yes I miss you 8-) Yeah you XD
None can ever replace you.
When I think of it…I don’t know how it would’ve been if you were still next to me…Might have been the best summer vacations I’ve ever had…[Rija must have a disappointed look right now 8-) But…I love you Rija (A) =P]
I still have hope =)
And shall wait…
Yeah I might sound crazy to you right now…but am writing down whatever I feel like…no use hiding it…
Still pray for you…
Ok I’m getting emotional *sniff* nah nah am fine =P
And lol Zunaira thinks I hit people when I’m happy =P but sorry for annoying you gal =)
You’ve also been there like almost every time I needed somebody =)
And that song was touchy =D =P
Love you all!
Tried my best to make Hira happy too =P Like dunno if I was successful or not…but in my heart I really found it sad too see her sad =/ Seriously…
Keep smiling Hira! You rock \m/ =D
And Hajra thanks for calling again and again =P Though my mum kinda got mad at me =P just cuz that you call everytime when I’m sleeping =P not mad at you…at me actually =P
And thanks for the gift!! =D And yeah you to Rija and SaraH! AND Haya =D!!
Really sweet of you guys =)
I shall treat you guys =D Let A2 start (H) =P
Anyways hope whoever reading this post…enjoyed it =D
Oh man =/ I have to think of a title :O! :P
Gna go to bed…Gnyte…Sleeptyte….Sweetdreams…
Have a nice day ppl =)
Take care.

[Yeah the word of the month is “Yayness” =P]

E-less ----> E-full.

It’s going to be one cold piece of a useless post. In no mood to write. Didn’t want to blog for the same old reason or something.
I shall not use any emoticon. To show how dead I feel. I’m a living zombie. See.
Oh, Uncle Mansoor had a daughter/son [Yes, Mrs. Roohinas husband] Mum heard it’s a son…And when somebody came to give the Akeeka [or whatever the spellings are] ki meat…and told her it’s a ______ she heard “a daughter”.
If it’s a daughter…that’s so good mA…but yes I know nobody can take Khaulas place…the small white face with a red nose [because of some allergy]…She was so tiny…The last time I saw her before the accident was when…I was coming home back from school...and there she was in the car…window was half rolled down…and she smiled XD [I had to use it XD] and waved at me XD…I can still see it clearly XD…and I just smiled back at her…and the last time I met Mrs. Was 3 days before the Eid…the same week of their accident XD…the last thing she said to me was…smiling…when she was on the stairs…“Study hard…Get a good result”.
When we got the news…I didn’t cry…have never cried for people I know…but I do when it’s some stranger…that night I did though…not because she’s gone…just the thought of dying was killing me…I fear death…more than I should I think…at nights I’d be thinking what would happen if I died…how would people I know react…what would I do if somebody close to me died XD….and then there would be tears…and then I’d just wipe them away and cover my face with the blanket…or just bury my face in the pillow…trying to comfort myself…When I was little…was scared of sleeping in dark [but now I can’t sleep with light :P I need it to be dark…] and I would take off my glasses and I would see shapes and I’d quickly hide my face…just like an ostrich…[Don’t know if they really do put their heads in sand when they are frightened]…trying to feel safe…trying to hide from things that don’t even exist…got the same habit abhi tuk…
The part of the post written above “Pause” was at night :P I’m in a different mood now :D I feel nothing :P no feeling :D it’s 6:11 a.m exact.
-Continue- :P
From this pause-continue-thing I just remembered what I wrote for somebody’s birthday 8-)
Anyways that’s history. Hope it doesn’t repeat.
So got a lil party at my place tonight. Uf. *khaa-peesh* ^_^ :P
So lately…I’ve been using lots of emoticons to express myself…my feelings to other people…like literally ALOT of emoticons…Somebody would write a whole big thing or whatever….and my reply would be one tiny emoticon…With every sentence I write you’d be seeing a “:P” :P
And when I started the post…it was SO hard for me to not to put any emoticon =( :P
My day starts…I literally waste it :D :E Sit here and there…help mum…net net and net :P though I do nothing much ^_^ I just sit on the chair thinking about crap that is of no use anymore :P and there the day has finished…
And yesterday night I so wanted to be lost…to be free…of everything…to be no one….to not know anyone…or to be known…to be an invisible Sheena…who would just live in her world of dreams…free of problems…but in the end it’s not possible…here I am stuck in the world with no choice…who doesn’t have problems? Everybody does…they just have a little different one…nobody is always happy…
I miss my taya a little bit…people who did not read my tweets…I will tell you about him here…
He is my dads step-brother…and what I hear from my cousin [taya’s 37 year old daughter] that he and dad NEVER fought unlike the rest of their brothers…not a teeny meeny bit…he’s 85 XD mA…and has perfect eye-sight :D and he was making fun of me :P he loves me more than the rest :P I guess that’s why I’m missing him right now :P =)
He’s very naughty :P He’d never share his peaches with anyone :P
Mum said he looks exactly like Granddad XD and also the way he was joking and walking XD Dad looked so young infront of him :P Don’t mistake him with his wrinkles :P touch him…he’s got a perfect strong hand mA =) and lol he’s a chain-smoker :P he smokes and smokes and smokes…XD
Gosh and everyday I look different :O = Or it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me =/ :P
And the result…lol….when I saw mine…everybody was sleeping :P and I didn’t know what to do :P cuz I was freaked out when I saw the C :P So I woke up Annie…whispering.. “I got my result…I got my result…” :P she got up quickly :P and was like “What? :D” and I said..“A..A…C’…and there I started crying…and when I saw her happily jumping and asking me if I told mum…I said “No..” she ran to tell mum :P I was shocked to see her reaction :P Maybe cuz she and bhai didn’t do that well…and now seeing her sister doing a little better made her happy XD and if it wasn’t for Annie…I would be still sitting crying ^_^ :P regretting wasting my time and stuff…but one thing…I did work XD for physics specially :P though it didn’t look like that I was working…but I did…I went through every physics A-level book in my house :P made notes ^_^ died again and again with it :P did past papers…checked them myself…this what I could do…but maybe I did miss out something…so anyways…out of the 6 members in my family….I don’t care about the result anymore :D :P and bhai and Annie are VERY happy :D (L) [and Annie is still with her promise to buy me a laptop :D :D :D She said in Jan. iA :D :D] and forget Laiba :P and mum is like ok…happy with the A’s…a leeeetl bit sad that her daughter got a C in such a situation XD…dad was not okay at first :P I couldn’t look at him in the eye…I was too embarrassed…I had failed him XD I had let him down…but then as you see…Annie rocks =) XD and IS THE BEST SISTER EVER! She explained dad…it’s like the words are magical when she explains people :P XD (L). And there…he was fine :D :D
A week or two back I had SO many dreams…now it’s like…I don’t have much dreams anymore XD…lol my dad everyday is having dreams about meeting King Abdullah or something :P
Yesterday night I tried studying :P Back in bhais room :P First jub mein bed per laiti…I wanted to sleep so badly :P then I forced myself up and scolded myself :P …I went to the table…took out my books…and then I was like naah it’s ok nosh you can study on the bed…and it’s gna do o harm :P I went to the bed :P sat P phir lait gayi :P opened my book :P took the blanket :P and there I was sleeping :D :E :P
And lol bhai ka frnd came…and bhai didn’t know I was sleeping in his room :P he told his friend to go in is room :P and he himself went to talk to mum :P
And tau hona kia tha :P his friend saw me sleeping:P and lol he got embarrassed and went out of the room :P and waited for bhai to come back :P and then I remember getting up and running to Annie’s room with my scarf :P *hehem*
O gosh…itni lambi post ^_^ don’t feel like reading again and taking out my mistakes :P
Just gna shut my comp…and gna lay dowwwwnnnn agaaaaaaaiiinnn :D :D :D :D
[So even though I didn’t feel like blogging…IF somebody asks me too…I’d write it then :D :D (L)] – wanted to blog about a lot more…but I don’t remember half the stuff :E.
[Hey did anyone understand "E-less --> E-full" :D :D ??]

W. Day.

Hello :D
Aaaah my head is aching =/
Had a…umm…I guess a weird day :S Yesterday night I slept before Annie and in the morning I got up after her ^_^ Yes I know it’ not good =/ I can’t help it = like I got up early but I didn’t know what to do =/ so I slept again within minutes :E and these days…rather nights…are really weird…I’ve been having really strange dreams = and like if I get up in-between of the dream and then sleep again…the dream continues = It’s doesn’t happen like that and who bhi everyday…Haina? = and not only the dreams…like I’m not lying but seriously I feel uncomfortable in my sleep = and if I get up…I keep on changing my positions till I find a good one….and then sleep ^_^
So anyways that’s not what I was going to blog about today ^_^
Just came back from a little picnic…with Ms. Bushra’s family…Sir Nadeems’s [Auntie’s brother also came ^_^ He’s young :D :P and cute (A) :P]...Sir Naeem’s [I know nothing about him other than that that he’s a teacher…but mayn his youngest daughter-24 days old-is so red = and the one older then her, Sameen, around 3 years…is so cute :D so soooo cute XD]….and Uncle Danial’s [If anyone remembers who is =/ He used to work in this school in the office and then he left the job or got kicked out…I don’t know :E but mayn he has 3 ya 4 sons = :E No, I’m not thinking anything wrong = (A) :P well just 2 came…one had hair like girls *hehem* and the other one was cute-ly fat :D :P and he was wearing a pink shirt :P looked cute =) from far at least *hehem* ]
So the kids were playing…Uncles sitting separately talking…so were the Aunties…so it was just Annie, Zoha, Amber and me ^_^ played cards…walked…talked…had races on the swings :P seeing who’s goes the fastest ^_^
Annie and Amber took Sir Nadeem’s elder daughter on the slide…on the other side of the park…where we couldn’t see them…and me and Zoha were just sitting :P because we both didn’t want to walk ^_^ I was too lazy to walk =/ on top of that I was hungry =(
So we both are talking…and then Laiba comes running screaming out something…followed by Amber…and when they came closer…heard them say…“Minal faint hogi hai…minal…minal….” And then saw Annie running towards us holding her = and it was such a weird moment =/ Auntie [Minals mum] freaked out so badly…uncles got up…and everybody stood up confused…and me and Zoha were the only ones sitting…we just looked at each other then I finally said lets get up :P…and luckily I turned back to see Inshaal [Sir Nadeeem’s younger daughter…around a year old] sitting there looking at me XD I just picked her up and looked around to see what’s going on…Sir Nadeem had Minal in his arms…and he’s just screaming out loud…“Anybody a doctor here?...”and to auntie he was like “kuch nae howa minal ko…”
Everybody was like looking at us XD and then Ms Bushra’s husband drove them to the nearest hospital…Sir Nadeem and Auntie and her brother were so freaked out that they ran without their shoes ^_^
So anyways it was nothing serious XD just that she had fever and hadn’t eaten anything…and on top of that she was taking the swings and stuff ^_^ so she got dehydrated or something ^_^
They came back and then we had dinner :D so late ^_^ I was starving :E and mayn I didn’t get any pepsi =( not a single sip =( so I had to live with 4 glasses of 7up :E but I don’t like 7up =/
*Sigh* my head aches *bangs head in the wall*
And yes…before I finish the post…special thanks to Hajra :D :P [see Hajra I’m writing about you :P] for calling me :D :P from Pakistan :D :P I’m honored :P and yes I love you too :D (L) and yes you’re great :D and I’m sorry that you expected loads of tweets from me and I didn’t tweet you :P and I’m also sorry that nobody picked up when you called…then when you called again I was sleeping ^_^ and then when you called again I was taking a shower :P and then when you called again…I was like I’m not going to miss your call this time :P so I ran from the bathroom :P and if you were not the one miscalling me from Pakistan…then who was :P? and I was miscalling back :P So it’s either Rija or Hira :P =/
I think I should drink tea *cry1*
G’nyte...Sleeptite…Sweetdreams…take care people =)
Have a nice day tomorrow XD.

A sleepy post =|

I’m still up [how many of my posts start by me saying “I’m still up” ^_^?] …haven’t slept because these things have been bugging me…and I’m in my mood-which-comes-when-I-don’t-sleep-when-I-want-to =/ People hate me when I’m in that mood :P
Ask Hajra 8-)
So at the moment I have been ignoring everybody ^_^
Haven’t eaten anything ^_^
You’ll freak out if you look at my face ^_^
And I tell the truth when I’m sleepy ^_^
So the thing is…that I feel as if I’m the worst person ever *cry1* like seriously…EVER!
Like I’m so mean =/ I’m selfish =/
I was even mean and usually mad at the person who was always kind and sweet = and it’s just killing me right now XD I’m sorry = [how many times have I said sorry after THAT day…not many times…but I wanted to say it so much =]
And I also feel as if I’m so useless ^_^ I can’t do anything properly =( like seriously nothing =/ I’m not good in studies [have to work freaking hard to get a grade like SaraH and Izza and Rija…which they get without studying…I’m dumb ^_^] I’m not good at arts like Bhai and Annie and Laiba =O I can’t clean anything properly as good as Annie…look at my writing =/ [nobody in the class likes my writing =( ]
I just cook good =/ which many people can do =/ I can’t do anything =/ I’m not even the best basketball player =/
And NO, I’m not the sweetest person ever ^_^ that’s the last thing I am =/ I guess =/
I can’t cheer up people…how many times have I been able to cheer up Hajra? =/
I’m not even a good listener =/ can’t talk to people properly…I ignore my cousins when they call ^_^ I just can’t talk to them…even when Annie is online talking to them…having a video conv. they’d die asking where am I…and I make sure Annie says I’m sleeping or something ^_^ most of them haven’t seen me till now ^_^
You should see me when I’m on the stage ^_^ Ask SaraH or Rija to imitate me ^_^ They’d do it perfectly…with one hand going up again and again to either fix the hair or the glasses ^_^
And on top of all that…I don’t think I’m a good Muslim XD I try but I’m not =/
I suck at everything =)
And I hate me for this =)
*Tries to cheer myself up*
I hate it I hate it I hate it!
I need to get a life =/
I lost my life long ago XD 8-)
Should I have said all that =/? Like you know =/ Like some of you might think it wasn’t right or whatever to blog about it ^_^ but I don’t see anything I should hide and not say =/ Bah =/ I’m confused =/ *bangs head in the wall*.
I think I should sleep =/
G’nyte…sleeptite…sweetdreamz…take care and have a nice day tomorrow =)


So I saw this girl on you-tube teaching how to do stuff on your nails ^_^ and she did it perfectly within a minute = So I took my time [around 3-4 hours *:E*] and tried doing it ^_^ and it sucked =/ And then finally I made only ONE flower on each nail ^_^ But I tried *proud smile* Mum was so happy too :P Cuz I finally did it =/
[(1.) Naah it wasn't a waste of time *:E*
(2.) It's not as easy as it looks ^_^
(3.) Those who don't like nailpolishes and long nails....ummm 8-) Don't be disgusted or whatever =/ I like them *:E*]

Here for me.

G’morning =)
Haven’t slept ^_^ Like I slept the whole day yesterday =P Now I’ll be sleeping at Hiba’s house tomorrow =/ It’s our last party =) For Zonia (L).
I’m not going to school today…and yesterday I didn’t get to meet many people XD
=( But I’ll miss you guys =) =’) =( =’(
But mayn the way I fell =P hahaha…what =P Slippery shoes ^_^ and my poor butt =P and at that time I thought that I broke my wrist ^_^
And we were playing basketball with a football ^_^ All the basketballs are poof-ed up =P
O crap =/ Hajra Nazir has my bio book and her flight is tomorrow =O How will I do my homework =O? I’m deayd =D *d8*
I had to write about what happened today…but then I slept…and now all the emotion and that “burning-weird-desire” to write about it…is gone XD…but I’ll still write even though I’m sure that I won’t be able to write it as good as when I wanted to write it =/ Get my point ^_^? No. No problem =]
O no! Sad song = Now I’m sad =/ *waits till its over*.
So all was going good…wished Zonia…checked physics ka test...jis main all of us did one page…and left the last two *shows teeth* so most of us failed *hehem*
I passed =D 50%=D =P
Anyways then…we had chemistry...and as usual she didn’t come ^_^ so everybody was
sitting talking…had cup-cakes…and we all shared them…I was eating…and somebody said something funny and I laughed…and a little piece or something touched my windpipe…and there…I started coughing so badly…with non-stop tears…and the only thought that came to my mind was…“I’m going to die…I’m going to die”…I could hear Rija saying…“She’s choking…”…I coughed as hard as I could…and finally it was gone…I was fine…looked up and saw Rija looking at me…I was cleaning my wet face…and then suddenly I just…buried my head in Rija’s lap…and I was crying =
badly =
At first Rija didn’t realize it XD and then…her arms were around me XD “…nosh…nosh…”
…Felt somebody’s hand in my hair XD…and I was just crying and crying…like a baby XD
Could here them talk…
Zunaira: “She was so happy in the morning…”
Mishal: “Nosh…stop crying…I’ll start crying too…”
Rija: “just let her take it out…she was trying to be strong for so long…”
After…I don’t know when…I stopped…looked up…everything was blurry…and my eyes ached…took of my glasses and cleaned them…and Rija cleaned my wet arm with her scarf XD…Hajra took my hand and kissed it…Zunaira bought tissue papers…and Rija cleaned my face XD
Hajra: “You look so cute while crying…I look so ugly”
Rija: “I look in the mirror while crying and I look cute” =P
And Hira K. was standing there too =P I felt so embarrassed =P But mayn you don’t know that your being there for me every time means a lot o me =] but it WAS embarrassing =P
Don’t know why was I crying…maybe because of Bhai…maybe because of not talking to Sarah in so long…maybe because school was ending…and so I was going to be alone here…maybe because of somebody known as “dudy” 8-)…maybe because I hadn’t slept the whole night…
Maybe it was all this XD
Anyways I took it out…felt better =]
And Hajra and Zonia you guys are not 17 =P you guys could not put 17 chips in your mouth *hehem*
And Zunaira didn’t get that “drink-me* [the-mountain-dew-bottle-thing] =P
Dude =P think about it again =P hahaha XD your so dumb =P or wait rather…you are so innocent =] unlike us guys *hehem* (6).
So the rest of the day was great…played basketball =P with my mouth full of chocolate cake thanks to Hiba =]
*sigh* =]
Guys thank you =] (L)
[ today =P I went to school *hehem* Hiba told me to come at 6 =P and so I went in colored clothes =D]

A "surprise" Birthday party.

Hello =D
I’m stuffed, tired, not-bored, and happy =D See the smile on my face à *wide smile*
Ate so much at Zunaira’s…and here I am again eating pakoray that mum made =P Dude they look so dry if you eat them simple =/ and they taste so yummy if you eat them with ketchup =D
Ketchup ketchup ketchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhup =D *screams* =D
Hello ketchup-haters and ketchup-lovers and ketchup-middlers =P
Imagine a world of ketchup = ketchup ketchup everywhere = Drink ketchup instead of water = Sleep on ketchup = Hahaha =P Ok bus =P [Yukh. I’d die because of the smell =P Haw bechari SaraH ka kia banay ga =P?]
Sigh Annie stop having a voice-thingy with them *bangs head in the wall*.
So I went late to Zunaira’s house =P and Raimah who lives so far away was there before me *hehem* =P So what =P I was getting ready ^_^ aik tau I already got up late (A) and then called people and then showered and then blow-dried my hair and then straightened them and then I couldn’t find the liner and stuff and when I found them I did my eyes and then thereeeee ta-daaaaaaa I was ready =D =P
Oho Laiba =/ Itna sweet tang bana diya hai *makes a face* What =P? I didn’t force her to make it =P I swear =P she asked if I wanted to drink some =P and I said yes (A).
“…O nachlay na-na nachlay..” (8) =P
So when I went...we sat talking…drinking our lemonades…waiting for everybody to come…and when we all were there…we sat in a circle…and haha that USB thing was funny =P I am dumb ^_^ that USB so didn’t look like a chocolate =P My stupid eyes saw it ^_^ *sigh* =P
And we had that party-popper-thing which I kept on calling party-poopper =P So Mishal and me had to thingy it =D so all the cameras were ready…and everybody says: “..1…2…3…NOW!” and we both try to twist that thing =P and it wouldn’t thingy up =P and we are trying to open it as hard as we could and still nothing =P and sub huss rahay thay making our video =P and then I took it with both my hands and turned it with all the force I had =D and tada there it goes =D all the confetti is in the air =P it made such a loud sound that Haya freaked out and spilled the lemonade on Raimah *hehem*
Did you get what I just *hehem*? Ok forget it =] =P
Took crazy pictures XD In a few I have picked up Mishal and Amna =P Mishal you’re heavy mayn =P and we took pictures in which somebody is a “ghora” and we are sitting on that person turn by turn =D
“…ne main captain bhangray da soniyay bun gidayhann di rani…” (8)
No we didn’t stalk people 8-) =P and we didn’t finish the huge box of chocolates 8-) and we didn’t stand in the window making faces to a guy who was walking by 8-) and he didn’t look up 8-) and I didn’t fall on the bed laughing just by looking at his expression 8-) and I didn’t have two glasses of Pepsi 8-) and two slices of pizza 8-) and me and Rija didn’t put those stuff-toys in our shirts 8-) and Amna didn’t walk on me, Mishal and Rija 8-)
Hehehehehehhehehehhehehhehehehehe =P
That tickling part was weird =P I’m sitting and Rija, Hajra and Amna are laying down infront of me and their feet are on me =P and I’m tickling their feet with Rija’s clip = and haha Amna =P shall I tell what you said about your that =P? haha =P Btw Amna, you suck at singing *hehem* Itna gundi voice hai *hehem*
Later…me and Mishal got this thing of kissing on the cheeks =P and we were like kissing everybody =P and then when she was leaving…we hugged…and I was going to kiss her on her cheek…and she turned her face at the same instant =P and there =P I kissed her on her lips =P haha it was sooooo funny =P and weird =P [Zunaira keep your mouth shut =P]
All in all…it was great (Y) had fun =]
Oh look Mehwish is miscalling =D *miss calls back*
And for like the first time we didn’t put music XD because our dear Hajra has stopped listening to music =]
Keep it up girl (Y) (L) =D *Mwah* (K) on the cheek *hehem*.
I hope Zunaira enjoyed =] See we love you =] gave you a “surprise” birthday party *hehem*.
Do miss me in Pakistan (6) okay =]
“….one loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…oo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” (8)
And when Mishal and me went home…to go to the bathroom because we drank too much =P Sir Nadeem was there =D itnay baray hogay hai *hehem* =P I mean baray baray =P like tall = looked as if he was wearing heels *hehem* =P haha ok sorry (A) Inshaal itni bari hogi hai XD and Ibrahim is so gupa =D so big and yet so light XD Hajra bought him over to Zunaira’s and he slept in a noisy room full of girls =P he’s so soft soft =] *Mwah*.
OUCH! I just bit my tongue =P Sign from God =/ telling me to stop eating =P Ok God =]
“…imagine that…affi gia lo saygo…” (8) he’s singing something in some weird language *hehem*.
Haha look what he says…“the very first girl really had the worst words for me…she told me I was such a loser…and that’s why she was gna break up with me…everybody can you imagine that...the very last girl…said she knew I’d be ashamed of her…she said I should please forgive her…and that she was having another mans baby girl…everybody can you imagine that…” (8)
Haha aw bechara XD *hehem*
My stupid mascara and eye-liner is making me sleep =/ I think I have written all I wanted to =/
Challo then =)
Bye world =]
G’nyte =] Sleeptite =] Sweetdreamz =] Take care =] Have a nice day tomorrow =]
“…senses telling me you looking…” (8)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It’s 3 a.m and I’m still up ^_^ Oh from “^_^” I just remembered that I’m in love with it [^_^] I’m high, not-sleepy, bored, and unwanted ^_^ Listening to the weirdest songs ever ^_^ <-- this is so cute =] see ---> ^_^ *hehem*
I’m sitting on the chair with blanket around me =P It took me 10 minutes setting the blanket =/ so I could sit comfortably =/
So I’m not going to add anymore pictures or stuff =/ Because a few people think that I’m copying Rija’s and SaraH’s blog ^_^ and if your thinking that too…I hate you =] not my fault I like it this way =/ and that because I didn’t know how to add pictures and stuff before =/ Yea fine I was dumb =D and many people might have blogs like this =/ But whatever ^_^ So when I feel like editing it and making it look different…I will XD
But do I have to? It’s my blog =(
The guy who sang “Fairytale” surprisingly turned out to be really cute and young =
[Yes Hajra he IS cute =/ either your taste sucks =] (L) or I’m a loser *hehem*] And mayyyn Freddie Prince Jr. is freakingly adorable = and and Dean [Jenson Ackles] too = Yeah I started to watch “Supernatural” again =D I’m on season 4 =D *d8*
Yesterday I had many dreams XD Good and bad XD from all I just remember one =
And it was freaking weird =/ like Enrique was at my house = ENRIQUE IGLESIAS =
Yes that handsome awesome Mexican singer = but it wasn’t the old him…he was a teenage boy =] and still cute =] and he had this cool beard-type-thing =] he was wearing a red shirt =] and we both were good friends = and and = we both were cooking something together = and there is music on in the background = and…Annie’s room…behind the door = and at the same moment mum came home =P but guess what = mum knew him = like =P you know knew knew him =P Mayn the dream was so real =
My foot is sleeping *BAH*
Crap =/ I still haven’t decided the clothes for tomorrows surprise birthday party for Zunaira =/ When I told dad about it…he was like: “ Huh? What? A surprise birthday party for Zunaira…which she knows about…and is at her place =S” *hehem*
Hayye melay dad =] (L)
One week left for school XD I want to stop time = I don’t want it to end =( Dammit NO XD
“…you see love at first in summer time…that’s when you think that everything’s right…
no one ever thinks its going to end…but when things go wrong and winter comes…you’re going to need to run to someone…left alone…you’ll just freeze again…
But you should know…when it gets too cold…you’re not alone…I’ll melt the snow…But you should know…when it gets too cold…you’re not alone…I’ll melt the snow…” (8)
We discovered a lot of cool things in biology in the last week ^_^ like if the crocodile or alligator eggs…well jonsay bhi thay…are kept in place in a temperature of less than 32 or more than 33…they always hatch into females = Isn’t that cool =?
Imagine agar humans main bhi agar aisa hota *hehem*.
My foot is sleeping ^_^ aaah ha ouch.
Last week, in school, my foot slept while I was walking to the class =/ and it was bio ka lesson :O Ms doesn’t like it at all if you’re late XD So I stood waiting for it to get up =P I looked like an idiot =/ even the Chinese/Philippine/Korean/Japanese [wherever she is from =P]
Auntie asked me what was wrong =P Mayn her voice is really good =] like I heard her singing when she was cleaning the door =] nice (Y). I like her =]
“…I got a question for you…see I already know the answer…but still I wanna ask you…that why…you made me cry…do something behind my back and try to cover it up…yes I’ll be faithful…” (8)
*Yawn* I think I’m sleepy ^_^
My middle fingers hurt ^_^ I swear I didn’t do anything ^_^ and I have a bruise on my right knee ^_^
Does anyone care =/? Well, I don’t care if you care or not ^_^ No but I want all of you to care (A) makes me feel special =P and happy =P
*Sleeps on the chair*
-10 minutes later-
*gets up*
G’nyte world =] Sleeptyte =] Sweetdreams =] Take care =] and have a nice day tomorrow =]
[I hope I didn’t make any mistake today ^_^ but I know I did =/ dude I read my post billion times before posting it =P I just don’t find my mistakes =/ Mayn, I suck (H) =)]

[Wrote this post yesterday night and didn’t get time to put it up ^_^
Anyways, got loads to blog about today’s surprise birthday party =D Will do it tomorrow inshAllah =)]

[That was very mean of you =) Yes you =]]

Um, stupid computer is not showing the stick-type-thing of tht emotican =/ Just showing "=". Uff whatever ^_^

A new begining.

My first post =D
“…shortie get low low low…” (8)
“Second bright moon” because this is my second blog…and it is equally important to me as my first blog…which I love a lot…and is really dear to me =]
Started a new blog because…I don’t know =/ like I felt different back then and now I feel different XD and want to get over all that that happened =] and start all over again…
Man that witchy laugh =P Sorry guys =P
I’ve been acting weird all day…Maybe it’s because I drank water that was highly chlorinated =/ The taste was fine…but I could smell it…and because I know that high levels of chlorine can be harmful, I have a weird feeling in my throat = and my sister is sure that it’s an imaginary pain =P Yeah it might be =/ Ugh. My bad habit =/ =P
Or maybe it’s because I drank pepsi after so long =/ [long = One week]
Or maybe because I haven’t slept well in a while =/
Or maybe all three =P
*eating a biscuit* want to eat? No. Okay ^_^
How could they do such a mistake =/ Dude it’s drinking water =/ What if I die from it now =/? Hmm =/
Are my eyes growing bigger =O? Or I’m just noticing them properly now =/?
Naah =/ I know my eyes…I mean that that…that I know my eyes =P I love them <3
Dude the new Dove shampoo has such a strong smell…like really strong…I got sick of it in 2 days = But it’s cool (Y)
And when I came from school today…changed…and man my shirt smelled different…smelled really nice =D I was shocked in the beginning =/ like I mean where did it come from? *Hmm* Well, who cares =P As long as I smell good baby (H)
“….I don’t know why…I love to see you cry…” (8)
Do ants eat salt? Do they have TV’s? And furniture? Ok enough =P
Anyways they are daymn annoying =/
I’m tired =/
Will blog soon =]
Bye world.
*flying-kisses* (K)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

All good things come to an end.

So this is going to be my last post on "Purple Skies To heavens" XD Don't ask whyXD
One week and 3 days more for school to go XD The time just like flew by...I don't want it to end now...not that I want to study =/ Just that...I don't want to be alone XD Everybody is going to go XD and I won't be seeing them for so long...I love my class =] (even the ones I don't like much)
Yesterday I was really pissed because Ms. Rubilla said...that no more color days for us...and that they will think about crap =/ but today she told us at hometime that we could have it this week...Hmm whatever ^_^
My hands look ooglay with short nails =/ and I'm wearing pink on Wednesday =D and no idea what I'm going to wear at zunairas birthday party (which she knows about) which is at my place =P
Weird day =/ Took cherries for my bio girls XD and and because of SaraH me and Rija are going to be busted by Ms. Rubilla tomorrow =/ She wouldn't let us to the physics practical...we don't have a single reading =| and the graph and planning *horrified* ugh whatever =/ have double maths =P I shall sit and copy (H) and then Hajra called...making sure I'm alright...XD...and I was telling her about something XD [dudy-something] and we both were laughing...and she was "awww-ing" as usual...when I just suddenly began to cry XD I had just realised once again...that I won't be able to hear...that voice again XD
Well...everythings happening too fast XD The Dudy-thing...schools ending...Bhai still hasn't come XD...and ontop of all this SaraH is leaving XD any day this week XD Man the last time you went for two days...and i cried =/ whats going to happen to me now XD? If I was a witch =/ I would do magic and change everything =/ SaraH I love you =] (L)
And mum and dad and Annie were gone for groceries...I locked the door...and their I was crying once again XD but man that song was weirdly nice (Y) =]
".....Everybody move your body now...tomorrow is a good day...everbody move your body now...forget about the blue days..."
And when they came back...I finally talked to dad about SATs...and he said yes...don't know why it shocked me XD I just wasn't expecting him to say it easily...or maybe I'm just worrying too much...about being a burden...want to help my parents XD...and I can only do that by getting good grades at the moment XD...Just pray that the little hope I have in be a successful young support my dad...stays thereXD stays there till I can do something big XD
Annie is gone out with her friends...and mum was forcing me to go with her...mums notice everything =] She could see...that something was bugging me...eating me from inside...something that made my eyes and nose red...said go get some fresh air...go enjoy life for must be tired by always staying indoors and alone...insisted alotXD...but I didnt have the heart to go...didnt feel like enjoying...just wanted to be alone...once again...and wanted to write my last post XD...Man my hair look nice (Y) (H) but mum still hasn't seen them *hehem*
yes yes mums notice everything =P but i have tied my hair and put clips all around =P
*achooo* Alhumdulillah =] [Rija/SaraH/dudy----> Yarehmakullah....Sheena = Ya-hadee-kumullah...hmm I suck at spellings =/ are those right?]
Want to write more...but I don't have much time right now...
" one else could make me sadder....but no one else could make me fly higher..." [dudy]
Hajra thanks for being there like almost everytime XD A heart to heart connection =P You called at exact times...when I was extremely upset and could take no longer XD
And thanks to Rija for listening to the crappy music i force her to listen =| Sorry man XD
And SaraH =/ I love you alot =] (L)
Bye everybody =] Thanks for reading my blog =D everything has to come to an end XD
This blog is my life =] mentioned all that I can think of in itXD its...its me XD
Goodnight world..sleeptyte...sweetdreams....take care...have a great life =]
" live your life..."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Heart Beat.

Sigh. Just skipped through the chat logs XD [dudy] and my eyes hurt XD.

Everything looks so dull XD Nothing mattered as long as you were there XD but now your gone XD Came back to my senses…looked around and…it’s just so incomplete XD but yes it was the right thing to do. I’m proud of you =] but a part of my silly heart still wants you to come back XD [the selfish-part-of-the-heart]. But have to learn to control myself =] I have no idea what I’m going to do now =/ Going to be alone in the vacations XD

“...we’re afraid of words we both haven’t said…it aint right…read your messages twice thrice…”

Every good day has a bad ending XD and every down has an up =] I had a great day yesterday...look at me now…but I know that my this down will bring me up soon XD

Listening to this instrumental…it’s like I can understand the music XD Like I want to write it down =/ Get what I’m saying =P? Khair it’s okay =] Well, you can’t be more dumb than I am =D *proud smile* =P

Man this nail polish rocks (L) everybody liked it =D even Ms. Sameena =O I was so embarrassed when she told me =P It seriously freaks me out when I look up…and find her looking at me =P woh bhi smiling =P I smile back and quickly look away =P She “thinks” I’m a good student…and so she doesn’t give me much attention =/ and because of that I start making designs on my book :| and writing “dudy…dudy…” everywhere :| and I stop listening to whatever she is saying :| and and I’m not that scared of her like the rest of my fellows are :| she should give me attention too =( I’m not that good at biology now =P Crap have to check bio ka test =/

Had a freaking busy day yesterday XD running here and there…went for shopping with my guests…gosh I told mama I that I don’t want to go =/ but no =/ mama, I’m a big girl now =P no no =/ am still a kid for her =/ woh tau I’m going to stay for her for the rest of my life :| anyways mum n dad n those guests were together and me and Annie were on our own =D well we freaked out when the Saudi guys started following us :| Can’t a girl live and enjoy in peace here =/? Naah =/

So it’s my old habit to go to the perfume section and spray some on me (specially the men ones =P dude seriously men perfumes are way better than females ones) =P So I went to that side and picked up this black bottle which was quite appealing and without thinking I sprayed so much on me =P well I thought it was body spray or something =P when I turned around Annie is like starring at me…asked her what happened…and she pointed and said “yay kia kiya hai =O?” and I look down at myself and tadaaaaaaaaaaa =D I’m all white from the front :| that wasn’t a body spray :| it was a after-shave Gillette ki cream =P man that was so embarrassing XD but it smelled nice =D seriously =P

Thanks for singing that song Rija =] It was very nice =] how was mine =P?? =D haan haan pata hai =P chup raho =P acha tha =D

Blogging makes me feel better =] though I still wish that we didn’t…was looking forward to the end of august XD…one year…you still live =] (I mean you do live live =P just saying that you live as in =/ I don’t know how to explain it =P You are smart =P khudhi samjh lo what I’m trying to say dudy XD)

Me and Annie bought the same kind of rings =D In the morning it got stuck in my middle finger =P freaked me out :| The upper part of my finger turned blue :|

“…you just walked out of my dreams…you don’t know how very special you are…you leave me breathless…” [dudy (L)] -sorry XD let me say stuff XD because it’s the last time you’d be reading my blog as a friend XD =]

I need a haircut again =/ Don’t feel like having long hair =/ chotay look better =] and are

easier to handle =]

Somebody please cut the water melon for me =P I feel extremely lazy =/ yes point to be noted =/ When don’t I feel lazy :|? ( Mano says = at school =P Me = Mano, be quiet *stern look* =P)

“…lemme me take my time to say…you’re the finest babe…” [no not for ju dudy =P]

This song always reminded me of Edward and Bella =/ I don’t know why =/

[ My “twilight-story” has come to an end XD A part of me wants it to start again with my Edward at the right time in the future XD]

I found the hero in me today =] “….look inside you…and be strong….and you finally see the truth that the hero lies in you…” *smiles* I surprised myself XD surprised Hajra XD

Didn’t do what Rija expected me to do XD just wanted to make things easier for my dudy =] less painful =] I hope it did help =] [I know it did =P]

*rubs eyes* thuk gayi hoon main =/ but I don’t want to sleep or study =/ and home work is so much =/ I’m dead =)

Hahahaha SaraH I so miss the “chuddy-chuddy-this-this-chuddy-chuddy-that-that” =P We’ll do it loads of times tomorrow =] Oh crap no way =O we have double bio tomorrow =/ awho just one lesson free =/

*sleeping on the chair*

Will I ever get to hear that voice again XD? I guess not XD zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I guess not XD but your voice lives tooo =P *laughs*

*eating ice* seriously eat ice :| it’s so cool =P nice nice nice =P I can’t sleep at night until I don’t eat ice :| when it melts :| amazing yaar :|

Rija stop dying for it =P No actually do die =/ cuz when you don’t die for my blog I feel so bad =( as if my blog is nothing =( So please die =]

The word “kuray” in Punjabi is so cool =D love it when H-dhami uses it in his songs =D love pronouncing it =D like kooo-ray =P

Okay am getting scolded =P have to study =( [khekehkhkeeekhekeh going to copy Zunairas chemistry homework =P I’ll copy Physics in school =P and I’ll do bio ka hw abhi =D]

Bye people =]

Thank you for reading my post =]

Thank you for dying Rija =]

Ummm Thank you SaraH =P [for nothing =P]

Thank you Hajra and Annie for standing by my side =]

Thank you Dudy for giving me time XD

I love you. Yeah you too Rija and Sarah =P XD

“...I hope the days come easy….” [Dudy] (L)

“…always stand by my side…” [Rija] (L)

“…chuddy chuddy this this…” [Sarah] (L) =P

Goodnight…Sleeptite…Sweet dreams =]

*Hugs* =]

Man this green hair-catch looks oo-glay on me =/

Friday, June 12, 2009

nahi nahi karlo

Sleepless night…I try to move on….but I know I’m just foolong myself…Or give my heart to someone else (8) school tomorrow =D not bad =/ though I’d prefer staying home =P but before we break up now now now (8) tell me that we will make it through the end…don’t lie…promise every day your going to try….*sneezzzeeee* Alhumdulillah =) fazool ki post ho gi =P kuch hai hi nae kehnay ko =P I wish I could fly with u….i wish I could lie with you…I wish I could dine with you =) la la la =)

Watch me go…why cant it be the way it was….I lost my locket…the one I loved the most =( angel of my life I miss you =) you know that =( but I feel really bad =/ I don’t know why =/ I mean I know why =P I just cant tell you =/ [dudy]

Oh I so wish I knew how to do that cool walla bhangra =( bhai ki wedding per kerti =P yeah I cant =P itnay zayda logo k samnay :P you kidding me =P I sharma-fy a lot =/

Dudy I had a dream you signed in from your old account =P when you read this and when I come on =P you better sign in from that one okay =P okay! =P meri dreams puri karo =P and make me happy =) okay =P

So I ate 3 oranges at once =D crap. Not a big deal =P I can eat more too :P haan haan main moti hoon =P bus kush =P

Make it rain (8) Lil wayne is ugly =P I mean not ugly =/ he is….umm…werid :| *wondering how much time it takes him to set his hair* =/ larkiyon jaisay baal =P braids :| Uff Uff =/ boys doing girly stuff =/ girls doing boyish stuff =/ sigh sigh. Haan well koi harm tau nae hai =/ banao jaisay baal chahiyain aapko =P

I ruined my shirt =D like like =D I pulled it soo much =P that it is soooo khully now =P like two of me can fit in it =P now you can imagine kitni khulli kerdi hai =P (SaraH à exaggeration =P) everyday I patiently wait….nothing can feel as sweet and real…maybe its true…I’m caught up on you…maybe there’s a chance….(8)

(dudy à sigh, when will she stop listening to music XD) I don’t know =P love you =D

When I put my fingers through your hair XD (8)

Pata hai yesterday I realized that it has been 10 years since me and my cousins (who lived with us here) have seen each other =O that’s so sad =D hehe =P whatever =P I’m so you know =/ like if you think that’s mean and crap of me =/ I don’t care =P well there’s a reason behind me not caring =/ so back off =) =P hayye mela baby =)

Ima put you to bed bed beeeeeeeed =D yes yes rija you too =P and sarah you too =P hahhah (6) I will lock you guys in your rooms =) and I shall torture you =) yes you too dudy =) Haww =P did I say that :| no no =P hayye melay palay say three babies =P how can mama do this to you =) =P I’m gone crazy =) well yes yes I was already crazy =) but I get a little crazier everday =)

I will keep on writing crappy stuff till Annie gives me net =/ because I’m so bored =( nothing else to do =( OMG! Rija Sarah =O I had a dream about coal =O hhehheeh by the way did you guy know…he is here =O dream wasn’t anything big =/ like we were sitting and there was loud music…and I’m saying something to him and he cant hear he comes closer…and I whisper in his ear...and and…and I was going to kiss him =O but but butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt =O he moved away =P hahahah sucker =P

No one else can take your place =) [Dudy + SaraH + Rija] =)

Kahin na jana =) (8) yay hii yaaayyyy

I can’t get enough =] I never get enough =/ I mean like =/ I don’t :|

So I was watching this documentary type thing on al-Jazeera…it was so sad =(

What have those kids done…to deserve such a death? Did he harm you? What the EFF DID HE DO ?!? DAMMIT I NEED AN ANSWER! Use your brains…you….[want to swear so badly…but I know my dudy would be reading this…]…you &*^%&*#$ *effing angry look*

They have a life…*sniff*…you have no effing right…NO EFFING RIGHT…want me to kill your kids infront of your eyes so you know how it feels for parents to lose their kids?...wish I could screw…wish I could…make you understand…only problem is….you guys are not 10 or something…there are millions of you…only hope is that one of you get to read my blog =P HAHAHAHAHAAHAAHHAAHAHAAHHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH =P that is soooooooooooo IMPOSSIBLE =P omg I can’t believe I actually thought of a terrorist reading a blog =P who bhi my silly blog =P hahaha =P ok ok enough =P I was so serious here =P

*ouch* dudy aaj meray left shoulder main pain hai =/ my left knee….left leg…left shoulder..the left me is suffering from some kind of disease or something :|


*sitting blankly* OMG! =O I still have 2 pages of bio. Left =( nae kerna mainay *cry1*

Pata hai…I used to have a magic wand :| when I was very small :| I made it myself =P told Rija about it on Wednesday…it was like…like a small purple star…very small…and it had a small hole…so I made this stick type thing…and I joined them =P and tadaa there is my wand as big as one quarter of your little finger =P I still see it =( I want it =( I don’t know where did I lose it =( I was always careless about my things =( I used to think that it did magic….I still believe that it did…I swear :| I’m not dumb =P

And from my childhood stuff I remember this story somebody told me…and I remember the whole of its scary :| =P like…umm…I can actually picture the scenes happening…but I can’t explain it that good…like all I can tell is that…like there’s this window…and there is this witch down there…and 2 friends live in that room…one pushes the other :| and the witch :| get it :|? :P no I swear its scary the I’m imagining it =P

OMG! OMG! When I was little…I was scared to look outside the bathroom or kitchen window…you know why =P…because I always thought that there were huge rocks…and and…dinosaurs thay wahan :| and I was scared of them :| =P

Hahahha and did I tell you =P I used to think that God comes in a helicopter =P to give babies =P hhahahah =P like I used to imagine him holding something and hanging out of the helicopter =P and smiling =P heheh XD

I have nothing else to tell =P and still no net =( I so want to know…who is the….smartest in the world….the prettiest…most handsome…most caring…most loving…most faithful…the most amazing…lovely…laziest…most dumb…I want to meet them =) I want to be them…I want to see how they live…what people think of them…but…who decides who’s the best at what? Not me =P I suck at deciding =P It all comes back to the same problem…because everybody has a different choice…like for example…usually Rija and SaraH don’t like the guys I find hot =P

*stares at the screen* When God? When will Annie give me the net? WHEN??

Hey =D imagine walking on clouds =D soft soft =D [dudy smilesXD if he remembers that thing =P] like they would feel so good against your feet =D *sigh*

What if I was born in 3000 =P Wow. Oho =( you guys would be history then =P I would never imagine people like you guys :| if I was born then =/ then I’d be thinking that what if I was born in 2000 =P ok now its getting crappier =/ =P I should stop :P

Anyways =D

Take care =)

Goodnight. =]

Sleeptight. =)

Sweetdreamz. =]

Have a nice day tomorrow. =)

Love you all =]

O crap I still have bio =/

[one more year…and then we all are separate =( AS passed so quickly =/ WHY? :| it was a great year =) I loved every little bit of it =) I hope A2 goes great too =)]

“….all I ever wanted to see you smiling…” =)