Sunday, January 31, 2010

40 minutes.

HEY! =D =D
Am I breaking the dare :O!? No right =/? It was to not to tweet for 3 weeks =/
Shoot me. I have twitter open right now *hehem*.
So so so so I CAN blog right if no tweet shweet =D? I knew you’d say YES *wipes away tears* ~I lowe you! *sniff* *hehem*.
OMG :O! It’s going to be the 2nd day without tweeting \m/ I’m SO proud of myself :’)
Nobody misses me there. =/ Not fair. :’( Anyhow. I miss me. :P Ok that didn’t make sense. Cut the crap Nosh *bangs head in the wall* :P -_- Uff.
Ok ok seriously talking now :P It’s just that I’m so happy, excited, home alone and got SO much to tell youuuuuuu =D =D =D
Yesterday was ok. I studied. Andddddddd…That’s it. =/ School was okay too XD.
I had fun today :D And I’m really tired now XD. Want to sleep but can’t. =/
Ok now as I said the word “sleepy” I feel like closing my eyes right now and sleep while sitting. *bangs head in the wall*.
Have to start with Chemistry with Zunman at 6. And before that I got finish up the Biology practical kay questions. Shoot me. Exams next week. Kill me. A party after the exams. Don’t kill me :D
You know Annie’s friend bought me a gift today…A shirt…Sad part is…IT WAS TIGHT TO ME :O! And it was the largest size 8-). Noo I’m not that fat now. =/
Like it looked nice. But…Crap :’( Getting it exchanged :P
I had a glass of milk in the morning. And ate one slice of bread. Breakfast. :P
Don’t know when was the last time I had proper breakfast. =/
Today Bio was fine. Chem was fine too. Did the sheets in the class. I do so silly mistakes man. =/ Break was awesome :P Food <3 *hehem*
Soo afterrrr Physics ki class…We 7 girls [Me, Zonia, Rija, SaraH, Mishal, Iqra and Amna XD :D] went to the back room…And so..
Lights off. We drove a plane. We rolled over on the floor and then Amna rolled on top of us all. We yelled. Laughed like hell. Held hands and made Amna try to separate ‘em :P [She looked so scary in the dark doing that :P Swear she looked possessed :P]
Mishi was biting. LOL! Seriously -_- I’m fine. Even though she tried biting me twice :P
-_- We were laying down for a bit. And Mishi told us a story of a girl named “Bunda” and a guy name “bundi” *dies of laughter* Was Hilarious :P
Omg! I hear cats….Fighting? o_O Shucks. Scary man. *shivers*. =/
And crap I was supposed to finish this post in 15 minutes and be off by 5 -_-
It’s 5:11 -_- And when I came from school. I washed the dishes :D Anddd theennn I saw k Mom hadn’t cooked anything for today XD. And I just needed an excuse to cook Egg-Fried-Rice :D So I made those. XD. Then Mom’s friend came over. And Annie’s friend too. -_- Set the lunch. Then made tea \m/ Then just chilled thinking what am I going to do. Got to do good in the exams. Then enjoy. Party. Lose weight. Go to uni. Get a job. Marry. Have kids. Chill with ‘em. Love ‘em. Get ‘em educated. Make ‘em read my blog. And then die. \m/ Bus that’s it. -_-
And so that’s it I guess :D I gotta finish bio before calling zunman over :O!

[I hate putting the title -_- I always have a problem with it. Anyhow "40 minutes" was just this song I was singing right now...]
Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye :D :D :D :D
G'nyte XD. Slptyte, Swtdreams. Take care and have a nice day tomorrow XD.
~Lowe you~

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Weird day...

Hey =D
Ok don’t go on the “=D” emoticon. Because I’m not really so happy and not in the mood to jump around happily and tweet like somebody who has just lost it XD.
Today I’m going to study with Zunman XD.
This way we both will tweet less and study more.
My eyes hurt XD. Yes, I cried. =/
And who bhi in school. Acchaa Shhh I’ll tell you what happened. =P
I got up in the morning *hehem* Ok that’s nothing big :P
Got dressed –put cream on my hands-took a sip of water-wore my abaya—walked to school [Pst. I LOVED the weather in the morning XD. How I wish could go out for walks – in my black hood =p – all by myself XD]
Then Cjblufox and I were dead tired. Her head on my shoulder and my head on her head XD
[Zunman = I wanted to take a picture of you both :P]
[Oh o I’m having boiled potatoes =D They look so yummy with salt and mirchain =D :P]
Ok pause. I don’t want to bore you [or the 40 years old me, who would be reading this blog after 24 years =/] - [and pst.and my children *hehem* =P]
So my little brain started to worry a little when I saw how much of Chem is coming in the exam
And that I don’t know 70% of it =/
But I was fine…..THEN….Cjblufox said “something” which pissed me off =/
At this point I started to talk a little less with everyone. XD =P
And then me, Ramsha and Zonia asked the maid if we could go up the roof XD. =/
She said ok. So went up and had a good laugh and made fun of how dumb Ramsha is…
When Mrs. W passed by….And told Amna to call us down =/
She was SO pisssed. Like we did a huge sin or something =/
Dude…It was just a roof =/ Kill me please.
Khair this was the point number 3 that made me go even more quiet.
[Oh hahahhaha btw we were talking to the maid and she asked us…
“Do you have any boyfriends?”
And all 3 pf us giggled XD. And said No.
And then she said “I had 3 when I was in school”…And were like “=/” *hehem*]
~ Oh and I’m wearing these other small earrings =D Circle-ish =D ~
Then we had to go to the computer lab where this dude had to tell us about the Prince Edward Island XD. Went cool. Impressed. [This was the last major push. Where I was SO sad that it looked like I was REALLY angry!] I ignored everyone from my class then =/ I know…That was REALLY rude of me =/ Kill me.
So I went downstairs and sat on the chair. Girls going up and down. I could hear some play out. Laughing. Talking. Many asked if I’m ok XD. “Yeah I’m fine” XD.
Why am I SO scared of the future? We should be scared…Nae? =/ I fear my future XD. And because of my fear I ruin my present. By being sad. Angry. XD
At times I feel strong XD. That I can do it. I will do it. And when I achieve all my goals…I’ll look back at my past…and ask myself…“What were you scared off :)?”
And times I feel like what I felt today. Wanted to be lost forever. Felt that nothing will happen XD That my dreams are just too big XD. And that it’s better to leave them as dreams XD And that I won’t be able to do anything even if I want to XD
So anyhow, at home time Hajra Nadeem was hugging me when Mrs. SM came over to us XD
And asked me what was wrong XD. “….Do you feel low or something?..”
“Nothing Mrs…I’m fine” XD
She comes over and hugs and kisses me on my cheek. XD And asked me once more XD
And there. All the eyes on me. My stupid tears came out as if I’ve never cried before.
She took me by my arm to the stage…There we sat…and talked XD She made me feel better =)
And and she told me a secret =D =D And then before leaving she kissed me on right cheek! =D XD
So am I fool? Retard? I guess not. I was just under a little pressure XD. Future-Pressure XD *hehem*
And DUDE! I have SO many white hair now *dies*.
OLD? = Haw. Shutup dude. =/ I’m just 17 years and 11 months =P Shh.
I stopped Zunman from lecturing me XD. =/ Told her to write in the comment what ever she wanted to tell me XD. So if you have any lecture-type-thing for me…Comment XD! =) :P

Love you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NCJ-ay XD.

Pst. Pahhahaha. Yeah “Blah” has been replaced by “Pst”. =D =D :P *hehem*.
Hahaha yeah I do use too much of emoticons XD. Not good? Too bad. I like it :P -_-
So my favorite word keeps on changing. Oh o I want to tell you a few =D
Awesome, Shuck-se-doodle-doo =D, Freak of nature =/…..and Blah and Pst. =D
So last night I slept at 2…And it felt like I just closed my eyes…and my alarm is ringing -_- And OMG! YOU WON’T BELIEVE ME :O! *dies*.
In the morning…When my alarm rang….I could hear my cell phone saying…
“Twitter…Twitter...Twitter...” =/ I’m crazy..Nae? =P But I swear it happened.
Pst. So the whole day was…a waste? Awesome? Weird? =/
Didn’t study a single word XD. For the first 4 lessons…Running here and there…Fixing up the board with all the Biology stuff XD. Oh how I wish I could remove my picture :P
Then then theennn Me, cjblufox and doubleydee walked and walked XD. Had Barbican \m/ Oolala I love it XD <3>
[No no I don’t like everything :P I don’t like 7up =/ Kill me.] And we actually “ditched” physics :P [like ditch ditch = bunk -_-] But then turned out that Mrs. wasn’t even in the class :P So blah. So much for bunking double physics. =/ Hm. I had so much to blog about. And now I don’t know what to say. =/
O well, am going to Doubleydee’s house tomorrow =D Have SO much in mind :D :D :D Gna make an awesome presentation =D And stars and and stuff = Blah. I’m gna die from excitement :P :D And I can’t wait to see her cats =D And the kitties =D Aaaaaaaaaa. *screams*.
Yes another thing. I love them. XD Make my life so great XD. Make me cry with happiness XD. “Plane take me away” XD. Make Physics lessons interesting. Make the world a better place. We 3 can enjoy like hell whether you leave us in the middle of the ocean or at the top of the mountain or in a desert or in the middle of the forest XD. [Cool. I’d like to go to all those places with you both :’)] I love your hair cjblufox XD. I love your Dimple DoubleyDee. I love they way you guys imitate me XD. Make fun of me :P How we share food XD. How we understand each other XD. A day without Cjblufox seems like a year XD. [Trust me. Not exaggerating =P] And being pissed at anyone who takes Doubleydee for some work when we 3 are together *bangs head in the wall*. *sigh* And how we 3 stood today hand in hand looking up in the sky talking to God. XD. How you guys make me sit in the middle when you both want to put your heads on my shoulder. How you know what I feel with one glance XD. How we plan to marry at the same time *hehem*. Plan to get our kids married together :P And how we plan to meet up in the grave together :P XD. ~ I do love you guys a lot ~
And HajraNadeem wanted me to write more about how this is our…like last 3 months together XD. O’ boy. I know every one goes through this XD. School ends. University life totally different XD. Not with the people you love [often.]
How is it going to be for me?
I cried [:$] when Cjblufox went to Khobar for 2 days -_- *Sigh*. =/ I won’t write more about this =/
Blah. Oh crap. I was going to say something deep and pst, nice. But I forgot again. =/ Lol, Yeah was on twitter :P Oh oh in my last post I was going to write something and I forgot -_- I remembered it that day when I was in bed. -_- I was going to say that this is a test right XD. God is testing us XD. Our patience XD. Our love. Xd. Our faith XD. Our everything. XD.
Let’s just pray we get an A* =D =D =D InshAllah XD. O Love you God! <3>
Talking about *cough* A*…I just remembered the unit tests we have next week =/ Kill me. *dies*. After I’m done with writing this post…I’m going to do the next chapter of Chemistry =D Oh shucks I’ve gotta type out the Exam paper for my Uncle XD. He teaches….Men who are like 30 years old and stuff =/ How cool is that =/?
Like I want to do that :O! :P Teaching people older than you XD. *sigh*. When I’ll be old enough…I shall be a Doctor XD. I shall own the best flower shop EVER! I will have the best cake shop EVER! And I wanna built an orphanage XD. I want to go around the world. XD. I want to do so much. At times it does feel like is too short XD. O well…This is the plan till now XD. =D Nice nae :D? Say yes even if it’s not. :P :D
[Nosh: WHAT? You’re not coming to DoubleyDee’s place? *mouth open*
Cjblufox: 16 cats man…I’m allergic….
DoubleyDee: not forcing you to come man…
Nosh: Yeah, Not forcing you to come….Just that if you don’t come I’ll kill you…And not cry….And bury you…And then kill myself after a week…And then DoubleyDee will kill herself because it’s all her fault.
DoubleyDee: See we’re not forcing you. =)]
LOL! Yes this how lame we are. =/ =P *hehem*. Oh oh and do check out my new podcast tomorrow night XD. With DoubleyDee and Cjblufox as my guests :P :D
[Oh and am having a headache. Don’t ask why. -_- but I wanna tell :D :D :P We sniifffedd a lot on the marker 8-) That’s it :P I won’t tell anymore :P]
Take care XD.
~Lowe you all~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back again XD. =P

Hahahaha. Okay lol! Sorry random attacks :P Like these days I’m just sitting and I start laughing…I just remember something funny that happened in school or something somebody said on twitter or something I read in somebody’s blog XD :D And then I’m all so serious -_-
I want me to be happy. All the time. No matter what happens XD. I know. It’s impossible :P
I’m pissed off for no reason at times then =/ I hate it when I do that. I’m all so blah blah and I start complaining to DoubleyDee and Cjblufox XD. And they hate that more than I do :P I love you guys XD :D
Seriously…What a life…
(1.) Twitter.
(2.) Twitter.
-And- [guess what next :P *hehem*]
(3.) TWITTER!! :P :D *claps* :P Lol. #Lameness. =P
Blah and I’m blogging after quite a long time XD. Many reasons. First…sorry I can’t tell you :P Second…Nothing to blog about :S Like I just usually tweet everything XD. And then I don’t feel like repeating everything in the blog…And thirdly….nothing :D :P
Oh oh I put pink nail polish on my left hand and bright red on my right =D :P
And and Lol I started wearing earrings…like small ones :D Blah I never did before. Used to think that I look like a retard. But blah. I want to wear ‘em now =D Am wearing these “S” shaped ones right now =D
And and thank you XD. For…Blah. Everything? XD.
And hahaha I have the pictures of the presentation XD. Lol funny *bangs head in the wall* Like seriously. =/ Bahaha Mrs. SM was laughing at my picture :$ :$ She made me do what I was doing in the picture :$ :P
Going crazy listening to this song…And I still don’t know its name -_-
It’s 12. Great. Still got to do the Chem sheets, bio test, Chem test and gotta make the graphs for the survey XD. Kill me.
And my throat is kinda really annoying me XD. LOL! And every time I say “Annoying”…The first thing that comes to mind is “HIBA!”
Ask me why why why why :D :D :D :P Haan main batati hoon sabar kero :P
She loves the way I say “annoying” :P
Bahaha :P
So last night I was walking to Panda with Dad…Who was lost in his own thoughts XD [I love you Dad.] And I was thinking so weird stuff XD. Like I don’t know how to explain it :P I never know how to explain anything *cries on the bed* =/
Like I had this feeling…I was thinking about God XD. It was just wonderful XD.
I was looking up at the black sky…And was saying in my head…
“God, I know you’re looking at me from up there :P” *hehem*
And stuff like that XD. He made me. He made you. He decided everything for us.
I mean I know you all know this stuff...Right? Even I knew it since long…
But when you actually give it a thought…Think about him…It just feels great XD. No matter what you are…Where you are…What problems you have…
I felt free. Its just that - *tweets* - And blah I forgot what I was going to say :P XD
O man twitter just ruined my mood of saying stuff :P Blah. So I hope you got what I was trying to say back then XD. :D
Mid-term exams are like lol less than a month away XD. And I haven’t done a crap =/
This is the point where I hate internet. Hate twitter. Hate MSN even though I don’t use it much now. =/ And then I hate me for not taking stuff seriously. And then in the end I hate you all twitter friends :P For making twitter a fun place :D I like talking to you guys (Y).
And you know what…I’ve been having twitter dreams = Like I dream of talking to a few friends there. =/ And then when I go online all so excited…thinking that she/he might have tweeted me :D…And I click “@sheenamalik”….I get busted :D :P
Thinking about the time passing by so quickly is freaking the hell out of me XD. Not because exams are gonna be here :P *hehem*. But because….It’s a Good-bye to school life =/ Good bye to Mrs. SM [My favorite teacher XD :’)] Good bye to my class mates XD. To my best pals XD [DoubleyDee, Cjblufox and HajraNadeem XD] Good bye to a couple of friends in other classes XD.
*Sigh* I want to blog more..But lol it’s gna be quite lonnnggg :P And you’ll get bored :P And on top I don’t have time :P It’s late and I told a few friends to read my blog before sleeping..So don’t want to keep ‘em waiting XD.
I hope I blog sooon :D
G’nyte XD Thanks for reading the post :P :D :D :D
Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams XD Take care and have a nice day tomorrow XD
Love you all XD :’) *waves*.
[Bet I have mistakes :P Please lemme know :P]

[I've reached my twitter limit again -_- Like 2 times in a day. Kill me. Lol. I feel SO left out now =/ :'(]

Tuesday, January 5, 2010