Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday again! =)

10th August.
I know I know I  don’t blog as much as before and when I do it’s not like before XD.
Am sorry. Not. *Grinning*
Yes a lot of things have changed around me. About me. Things that will never be the same.
Stopped arguing though with myself. Why did this happen and that and blah blah.
I don’t care any more. (I do care -_- But I just don’t care to care that do I care anymore? Makes sense to you?)
Anyhow. It’s Ramadan. And. I feel nothing. As in I feel a lot of things but I feel nothing…I’m ok with it. Getting used to everything now…
Am so confused myself. Doubt you would actually even understand what am talking about :S
Soooo…I miss my lil girls XD <3
Hated my job cuz of many things…But…The kids just made it all so special.
They made me feel so loved…So loved that I can’t tell you. They made my world so beautiful. There compliments on my clothes made my day. Hehe XD
So this week…a few friends posted about how much they love their Dads and wishing them Happy Birthday…
And here I am writing a post for you, Dad. =]
I don’t think I’ll make a cake this time. Things got awkward last time…And then everyone will be just sad.
So I’ll just try to be happy on 14th August cuz it’s going to be your birthday and because I love you.
Sometimes I think how you are right now.
And as I grow up…Day by day…I realize how much of a bad daughter I have been.
No ones knows it. But I do. And it’s a very bad feeling XD.
And I can’t do anything to make it go away!
Not any words. Not anything.

Love you, Dad.

13Th August.
An hour left for it to be the 14th.
I’m sorry Dad I made no cake XD
I’m so sorry.
I just wish you’re fine where ever you are =)
And just that I love you so much!
Happy Birthday.
Really missing you today.