Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Achay bachay nae routay. Sirf achay say parhtay hain. Aur acha result latay hain. Aur Mama Papa ko kush kertay hain. Phir waldayn du-aa-ayn daytay hain. Phir baray ho ker achi job milti hai. [Phir chocolates khaatay hain :D :D :D]
So what if I don’t get a good result? *dies*.
Yes yes I know I’ll still get into a university and bla bla and on…
Jao marjao. =/ Na it wasn’t for you my dear Reader <3 :P XD :D =) [Just felt like saying it -_- Kill me.]
Ok so BLAH! *cries on the bed* Yes, *sniff* I got my Chem and Phy paper back *wipes away tears*. And yes it wasn’t what I expected. :’(
The Chem unit 4 was literally on my finger tips. I expected a B…But bla *sniff*.
And physics…Parhnay k baaad bhi. Kill physics. =(
And bury it in Mars so it never comes back. =(
I should get an award for my Lameness :D Nae? =D =D BleUgh. -_-
The burn hurts. Yes that burn that I got on Thursday on my thumb right hand walla while ironing my clothes. Stewpid. Wohi jaga mili thi burn honay kay liyay. Pagal iron.*g1*
And it’s like on that joint-thing. I write. It hurts. And eff. In the exam we have to write and write and write…and stop. =/
Ok Blah.
It’s N-O-S-H-E-E-N M-A-L-K.
They spelled it as:
NUSHIN MALAK! *bangs head in the wall*. Malik bhi nae. Malak ho main.
Dude. Get a life. And spell the names right. -_- Nosheen Malik. -_-
Oh blah my head hurts looking at the capital letters. Seriously. When I type in capital letters. MEANS IM REALLY PISSED!!
Oh oh I had a weird dream last night.
Like um. Urdu debates were co. Blah. And I was in the debates. And I didn’t write my debate and I was screwed cuz of Mrs. R. [Anyhow, I’m not in the debates this year]
And then I see Mrs. Sm. And blah. I can’t exactly write what happened next. 8-)
It’s Bhai’s birthday on Friday XD. =D
He had to go back today XD. But nae gaya :P He didn’t even buy the ticket -_-
Says he doesn’t feel like going XD. And wants to stay for some time more XD
Alay mela bucha :’) Mota. He had to pick me up from school today…and I waited and waited and waited…I came home at 12 [AN HOUR LATE] -_- He was sleeping -_-
And hmm I was just wondering today that…like don’t men get annoyed…
Like a married man. Has a job. Wife does a job too. Leaves his office to go pick up his wife. And does this and that…Don’t they get pissed =/?
Oh blah. Why am I worrying -_-
I’ll drive myself. Won’t let him do my work *hehem*. :P :D XD.
*Yawn*. I’m supposed to be sleeping XD. And I feel bad cuz I’m up and I didn’t wash the dishes. =/ Too tired to get up. And put my hands in water. Even though it’s not so cold today. WHY isn’t it cold today :’(. I like cold. <3
My bed is calling me. -_-
G’nyte –

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It happened. Topic came up. Annie cried XD.
Bhai started crying because he understands what his sister feels.
What she feels...Oh Annie XD. If you ever read my this post...You'll know how much I'm proud of you. I have tears in my eyes man. XD
I started crying when I saw brother cry. XD
Cuz I know what he feels...
I NEVER want to see you guys cry ever again XD. Don't cry...Ever.
O how I wish I was older than both of you.
I would do everything for you both.
But I don't want to see a fucking tear in your eyes.
I HATE...HATE....HATE seeing you both like that.
Mama and Papa...Just wait for a few years...
I WILL do something. You will see. The world will see.
I know it. I just know it. I will do it.
*Wipes away tears*.
Your tears are really precious to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It’s 2:17 A.M and I’m in my bed writing this post.
I just slept for 20 minutes and don’t know why I got up…
I’m scared. Really scared right now XD. I can’t stop thinking about death.
It’s killing me right now.
It’s making me cry.
I’m scared of what’s going to happen. Scared to die. Scared of being buried.
Scared of being alone.
Right now it feels like as if everything is closing up on me. I can’t breathe.
It feels like as if this might be my last post. I’m scared.
I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared.
O God it will be dark and silent.
I know why God created us. But at the moment I can’t stop questioning him. Even though I know I won’t get any answers.
How I wish I was a really really really really really good muslim.
I’m scared. I can’t stop saying it.
I have to face death. Just like all those who did and those who have to. No matter what form it comes in XD.
And all I can do is wait. And try to be a better muslim.
O God help us all. And guide us to the straight path XD.

G’nyte *cry1*.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B for...

Hey B for People. =/
I’m bored. I’m borde. I’m baa-rd. I’m bor-rrr-duhhh. -_-
I…Um…am bored. Like bored bored. B-O-R-E-D. Like hello bored?
B for Bat. Bin. Ball. Blade. Brown. Bet. And B for bored *bangs head in the wall*.
Ah. B for Bang =D Aaaaaaahhh. *dies*.
No school. Slept till 1. Had breakfast. [B for beast too :D]. Then…um I don’t remember :S Crapness. Brabness. =/
And bla did 3 chapters of biology [B for Biology]. Can’t do more. Nothing going in my brain [B for brain]. So I’ll do one more chapter before sleeping XD.
And tomorrow Rija is coming. We’re gonna do Physics \m/ [Hopefully =/].
And and Bhai [B for Bhai] is coming tonight :D :D XD :’) Well, just for 3-4 days =/
Anyhow. Um. I have nothing to do man =/ Seriously.
Stewpid stewpid stewpid ummm what? :S Me?

Huh how dare you :O! Ok sorry :$ I don’t know what to write =/
Omg! Sucks. Bucks!
Ok bye [B for Bye *bangs head in the wall*].

No slptytes or swtdreams. Don't take care. [B for bake <3]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes you got it….Today was great and awesome and nice too XD :D
Last night when I got the news about Mariam Z….the first thing I did was call SaraH and told her that we’re going to school tomorrow XD. And that I’m not going to miss something like this ever. :D And SaraH was saying she hates me *hehem*. Cuz she was in the mood of not-coming. And how she had planned she’d study and everything and I ruined it for her. But kertay kertay she said she’ll come if I make loads of pancakes for her XD. And I said ok XD. So last night I was up till 4 XD. Making pancakes for her =/
And then she called in the morning to tell me that she’s not coming. =/
Cuz she was sick. *hehem* Bahahahaha. Oye shh. Not funny :P -_-
[Get well soon girlfiend *:5* (L)].
And I was so sleepy and tired to be pissed at her *hehem*.
Anyhow…The thing I came to school just lasted for like 2 minutes XD. I clapped as hard as I could :D. And you should’ve seen Mariam’s expression when she was on the stage XD. So proud to have so smart friends. *wipes away tears*. :’)
And *hehem* we hugged her so many times :P :D XD.
Hope you do great agay bhi in life Mariam XD :D :D :D [Pst. Thank you for the cake :P]
Oh I received a message \m/ It’s Hajraa :D :D So she’s been high and weird all day. Called so many times and was laughing on everything I said :P
Specially the part about the chicken XD *dies of embarrassment*
Like in my last post I was happily telling that…
“…..Nosh: “A chicken. A chicken and hen are two different animals”
Rija: “Where does a Chicken come from?”
Nosh: “A hen” -_-
Yes this is how dumb I am -_- Hen is a male chicken. I know now. :P”
LOL! When Rija told me in the morning that hen is a FEmale. I wanted to die :P
“This is how dumb I am” And then I do another dumb thing by saying it’s male. :P Males don’t lay eggs *bangs head in the wall*.
And when I told my Mom she laughed so much :O! Anyhow.
Hen is female. A female hen who lays eggs. I will never forget now. :$
So bla. I was free almost the entire day. In double maths I was SO lonely *wipes away tears*. So I did my Chem paper XD. And then played table-tennis \m/ :P :D
OMG! *dies of laughter*. Hajra’s Grandmother told her that she made that poem thingy…“Lul-la Lul-la lorry….Doodh ki katory...”

*dies again*. HAHA!
Oh and we were talking about our bachpun-stuff today…I’ll tell you a few :D
Hajra’s maid almost kidnapped her :O!
Amna used to feel sorry for the maid so she used to make the maid sit and do her work. *hehem*.
When Iqra was 6 months…Her brother took the scissors and cut her ear. =/
Zonia put hot iron on her sisters arm :O! And and her maid was mean to her…so she sharpened two pencils and put them up the maid's nose. HAHAH! *hehem*.
As goes for me. My mom tells me that I was so fat that nobody picked me up for long :’( *hehem*. Meaness. And that I ate a lot since the beginning :P
And in Chem I was SO bored. I was drawing emoticons on my book. =/
O crap…
Got loads to write but it’s 11:40 :O! And I have to go study =(
So I’ll stop here XD. =)
G’nyte, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams XD. Take care and have a nice day tomorrow =)
~Love you~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Love my life.

Hey again :P :D
I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long without telling you how my day went :P
SO OMG!!! IT WAS A NICE DAY! =D But the starting was a lil…Sleepy :P
I was SO sleepy in the first two physics lesson. =/ I was just looking at Mrs. blankly…And and after that we had a lesson off. Then Biology. As usual it took us 2 lessons in checking just 2 questions -_- After that we were free the rest of the day =D
And guess what…We didn’t have the Chem unit test for which I studied -_-
No school tomorrow *d4*. And MAYBE I’ll go to school on Wednesday to chill with Rija and SaraH and Hajra \m/
So last night at 10 I went to bed. But couldn’t sleep XD. Even though I was so tired and wanted to sleep so badly…[cuz I m-ed y.]
But then I slept by 11 I guess XD. And got up around 2-ish and just said “Omg, I love you sleep.” -_- *hehem*.
Oh wait lunch time \m/ Blah. Daal. Shoot me. I don’t like any daal but Masr (L).
~Brb Lowe~ *hehem*.
And now I got hiccups. O I love my hiccups. :P :D And my eyes hurt too.
No no I didn’t cry :P I’m just sleepy :S? And now my throat hurts. =/ *Hiccups getting louder* -_- :P
Ok so um. I feel weird because everyday I come home and get the lunch ready. Make tea. Wash the dishes. And get lost to my room. But today Halushka [Annie’s friend] made rice :P Annie made tea. Mom washed the dishes :O! IT’S MY JOB :O! :’(
O and crapness. I’m such a retard. I thought today was 22nd January *bangs head in the wall*. It’s 1st Feb. =/ AND TOMORROW IS LAIBA’S BIRTHDAY! *dies*.
*Still hiccupping* She’s going to be 11 mashAllah *wipes away tears*. :’)
Ok ok back to the school day :P So Hajra gave me a pack of Extra ki chewing gums...Anndddd me, Rija and SaraH E finished the whole pack 8-)
And and tried making huge bubbbllllleess =D I made the largest \m/ =D
LOL! I can’t explain you exactly what else we did with the chewing gums 8-)
So neexxtttt. We [Hajra, Rija, SaraH E, Rabia, Zunman and meee =D] sat there infront of AS ki class till home time XD. And Zo me God. We started talking about one thing…and ended up on a totally different topic XD.
We talked about animals XD. :P :D O and I can’t tell you what we talked about 8-)
It’s um a lil too embarrassing. :P Including Panda and crabs *hehem* (6) :P
And and chickens too \m/
So this how a lil part of the conversation went…
Nosh: “So you can take the chick home…and slaughter it” - *gives an evil laugh*
Rija: “But if I keep it alive…It’ll grow into a hen” - *with a huge smile*
Nosh: “No, it won’t.”
Rija: “What will it be then?”
Nosh: “A chicken. A chicken and hen are two different animals”
Rija: “Where does a Chicken come from?”
Nosh: “A hen” -_-
Yes this is how dumb I am -_- Hen is a male chicken. I know now. :P
And and pata hai we 4 have such a different choice of animals that we want to keep when we grow up :P Hajra wants an elephant. SaraH E wants tiger cub. Rija wants a chimpanzee [one she would pamper. =/] And I want a Horse <3.
And then kertay kertay we ended up talking about grandparents. Like like we were imagining the grandmother sitting on the rocking chair. Knitting. The cat sitting at her feet. And a cup of coffee on the table <3 And and the grandfather is like sitting listening to the radio. The news. “And the war is over.” And they both are worried cuz their son was in the war. Scared for his death. But then the door bell rings. Grandmother opens the door. There he is. *wipes away tears*. “Ma, I’m back” And he picks her up. And goes round and round. :P :D And then Grandfather comes and says “I’m proud of you my son.” XD. Nice nae =)? :P Say yes. -_- :P
And you know what I feel like having Karaylay for some weird reason since 2 days.
*bangs head in the wall*.
And then we gave Personality awards :D :D :D \m/
Started off the SaraH E. We thought and thought. But didn’t come up with why we love her so much. Why I love her so much.
So we gave her the award for something, the white matter in her, the hidden thing because of which we love her. “Everybody loves SaraH.” (L).
Hajra got the award…Because she’s the type of a friend who would do anything for you XD. Sacrifices a lot =D And she’s wise. And WE LOVE HER LAUGH!! XD =D =D
Zunman got the award of being…the type of a person who really cares about what is going to happen before she does anything. Quiet. Lost in her world. XD (Y).
Rabia got one for being really friendly =) Rabbit :P *hehem*.
Rija…I can talk and talk about this girl XD. A person who’d give you the best advice. A person who’d listen to you with care. A person who is really good at heart XD.
A person who I try to follow myself XD. :’)
Last is ME! =D They said that I am really strong XD. And that if a person loves me once…I’d love the person a billion times back. XD *hehem*.
Oh and Mariam Z. was passing by at that time…So we asked her to sit with us and we gave her an award too :D Because she’s a really nice girl…Helping…Annndddddddd I never saw her angry :P and she’s a great friend XD =D
And then we gave out the sucky awards :P
Hajra got one...Because she sucks at lying :P and for her fake attitude :P
[Girl I can even tell on the phone that you’re lying or something *hehem* :P]
Sarah got it for something again that we don’t know about :P
Zunman got it for being really quiet -_-
Rija because she can’t say “No” to anyone -_- [In class if some one asks her to do something…I’m the one saying “No” for her -_-]
And Mariam got one because she sucks at choosing what she sucks at :P *hehem*.
I got one because of my mood swings -_- Everyone hates it when I do that. And Rija hates it when I fight with SaraH and get pissed at her :P
Oh and hahaha we gave a sucky award to Rabia cuz she multitasks….and we can’t do it as well as she does :P *hehem*.
Oh and *yawn* I’m going to sleep now. Then get up raat ko and study till morning \m/
O and I took part in Urdu Debates again for Rija XD.
And so *yawn* G’nyte XD. I’m home alone once again -_- And I feel like having something sweet. -_-
Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams, Take care and have a nice day tomorrow XD.
~Lowe you~