Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd Dec. =D BAKESALEEEE!!!

I’m happy XD :) I’m really happy :D Lalalaaaa I’m HAPPPY :D Ok yes you get the point :P I’m happy :P *hehem*
It was just an awesome day :D I have SO much to tell you XD. Lol. I don’t know if people think I’m insane or not Cuz they don’t know who I’m talking to :O! :P
But I know it. You know it. [hopefully -_-] And that’s all that matters to me =D
I don’t know why but I was scared to blog in the past few days. =/ Anyhow.
I guess the fear is gone…And here I am tun-tanaaaaaaa :D
Oh oh you should so see this pinkish nail polish Annie bought :D It’s SO nice :D
And I had one pack of Maltesers yesterday and one today :P :D Do you like Maltesers =)? How come I never asked you that =/.
So I got a “D” in Bio’s unit :P I don’t know how :P I did study -_- I made notes. I did all I could :’( This year…I’m SO bad at all the three subjects XD. Like I do understand everything. I get physics too. But when I’m doing the test…I don’t know what happens. I do the silliest mistakes ever =/
LOL! I love putting an Auto-message :P I just put one right now :D
"Sheena *Auto-message: Crap. YOU just disturbed ME! I was blogging. *g1* I hate you. Asshole. :P” Yes I know you never liked me saying bad stuff :P
But do you care now :O!?
Acha so khair had an awesome day on Monday too :D We went to King Khalid hospital =D It was just so cool =/ I fell in love with everything there. XD.
I want to be a Doc SO badly now -_- Wish I could do magic :D I’d be doing an operation right now *hehem* Lol. Yes I’m still lame :P
I miss my cell phone XD. Its just so weird…The way we fall in lowe with things XD. Or people 8-) I was mean at times. I know. And I think of SO many things I said and did…I want to say sorry XD. I’m sorry :’)
So khair :D I’m fine :P I’m fine finneee fineee… FINEEEE XD :D LOL! Sorry -_-
And today was a good day.
Did you know that when the music is loud the frequency of our body matches that of the music :O! So we dance :O! Lol. Yes we did it in physics today :P There was this question…And I knew this was the answer…But when Mrs. asked…I stayed quiet thinking if I said it out loud everyone will laugh :P
Then we set all the tables…fixed the charts…Set the dishes…Wore our Abayas and waited for Sir Tanveer :D He was impressed :D And we took a picture with him :D And and andd andd I just loved the selling part :P I was so hyper…I was kinda yelling “Home baked double chocolate chip cookies” or or “BUY IT NOW!” :P
And I was SO happy every time someone bought it :D And lol even the few bad ones were sold =/ :P
Can you believe it…Mrs. R. saw the cookies and asked me if they were Kabab =/
I was like “o_O!!” :P
And we had no food left in the end :O! and we were soooooooo tired….Then A. and S. made Coffee for the whole class :D And my cofffeee ended up on me -_- And the teacher passing by thought I puked :P And said “tut-tut-tut” =/ I was like “Mrs. It’s coffee” :P
And my middle finger is still blue :S Hurts when I press it XD. And we took a few pictures too :D And in the end Mrs. Sameena bought us Pizza =/ I love her <3.
I got two slices *d4* :P
And then when I came home I didn’t even change…went straight to the kitchen and started baking brownies for Annie :P She has a function in her college :D
I hope it goes well XD. She was nervous XD. =)
Oh and Bhai is coming [iA] :D I shall try all my best to take my cell back :P
And I THINK I lost weight :P Just a leeeeeeeetle bit :P Cuz my Shalwar was loose to me today :O! :P :D
And yes. I’m proud of you :) Got a good score mA :) XD. Keep it up :D
Anyhow. Guess that’s it for now :D
Don’t want you to be bored :O!! You take good care of yourself. AND EAT!! -_-
And sleep early *okm* =P *hehem*
And and anddddd um….G’luck :D For everything –
Bye XD.

[I hope this post was “me me” :P Because Zunman did not like my latest posts :O! =|
Everything changes with time =/ Did I change :D? If I did….TELL ME NOW!! Leave a comment *okm*] =D
[Oh oh and yes I dared myself to stay happy allll the day :D :P Lets see :D]

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi :D
I’m so sleepy…I will sleep at 9 today ^_^ Seriously.
And I’ve ditched physics right now…And am posting :P The unit test is on Tuesday XD.
Guess I’ll pass with a D again :P Or fail *hehem*. Ahaha No. I WILL pass XD. =D
So I have been going through stuff XD =P Like this feeling…Which is not good =(
You know Mrs. S. was mad at us for some time XD. Whether it was because of some one else…or me XD. I just felt bad XD. Whether she read my blog or not…And THAT very specific post in which I wrote some mean stuff XD. I’m sorry = I’m really really sorry XD. I just feel SO bad XD. She is my teacher after all XD. And I love it when she’s happy…and cracking jokes in the class…It feels so good. XD.
It was really hard for me to look up at her since Wednesday…or was it Tuesday when she said that we learned our lesson…?
And not only her…Even Mrs. Sameena = I was looking down the whole time today XD.
I feel guilty. And bad.
Guess I was just really upset that day…The pressure had been building up inside me =(
My tiny little brain :P And heart XD I’m still a kid I guess XD.
I had to take it out. And I did. And then I even learned a lesson XD.
Khair. I took it out :D This thing was bugging me SO much XD!
You know the other day we were studying about the different types of muscles…and how Rigor Mortis sets in….And how Antagonistic pairs work…and the bones…the process of decomposition…And I was like SO SO SOOOOOO amazed XD…
Everything is perfect…How your muscles contract using Calcium ions XD. The way the food you eat is broken down by respiration in the Kreb’s cycle…The way the heart muscle contracts spontaneously and never fatigues XD.
It left me shocked…Now when I move my arm…I recall the processes taking place within a few seconds…It’s just…Great…I’m speechless XD
I lowe you God. XD :)
And I will sleep at 9 ^_^ No matter what ^_^
G’nyte. XD :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Title-less =P

Hi :D :P
I’m tired…Like really really tired =/ Dimagh ghoom raha hai -_-
Just came from Zunmans place…Did physics kay pastpapers….If I was at home…I would’ve been sleeping after solving the first page :P *hehem*.
And I was acting like a kid -_- Sorry Zunman :P
So…Umm…LOL! I cut Rija’s hair at school =P Me, Rija and SaraH were in the bathroom :P And gr-10 girls kept on knocking on the door ^_^
I’m SO SORRY Rija = I mean…Really sorry :$ I think that you and SaraH should now say…“Never ever ever ever ever never ever never never ever ever EVER NEVER EVER!!....NEVER EVER GET A HAIR CUT FROM NOSH!!” :P
They’ll grow back soon :$ *hehem* :P You can cut my hair someday :$ :P
And and yes…I love you too Hajra XD. And hahahahaha you sounded so…lol..full of life when you called :D Now you’re back…Our moms will get tired of us =P
*Tweets again*
Ahahaha :P *coughs*. I just tweeted about the lizards :P And if you don’t read my tweets I will tell you here =P Nae choro gi :P
So lol…The maid killed a lizard with her foot today at school = *dies*!
Khair…I broke a lizard egg :D Bachi thi =P
And phir the whole week I felt that my left hand got infected :P It looked yellow to me :P
And In grade 7…I touched something in the lab…And tub bhi I thought my left hand got infected -_- It looked purple to me :P And I went crying to Mrs. Sameena :P
I lowe her <3.>
She is the best teacher <3>
Khair no more school talk :D
I wanted to blog yesterday...But couldn't...I wanted to blog
SENSES!!! = =p I was just in my room last night...and I realised that I have all = :D
And believe was SO...Thankful to God Xd. I just thought of those people who can't feel sorry for them =
And my mom always told me to be thankful XD I never paid attention....never noticed how important these things are XD I was just so busy thinking I'm not pretty =p
And that I'm darker than my sisters XD. That doesn't matter..Right?
I can hear :D
I can Tallkkk lallllaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D
I can smell :D All that yummy food ^_^ :P Ain't I a kid? :P
And tun-tana-na-na-na I have the most beautiful hands :D :P Oh lol yes that ain't a sense...But it is a part of one :D TOUCH! :D
*cough* I'm SO sad :( Because I posted this post and something effingly went wrong...and like SO much of it was missing XD...And I can't remember it *cry1*..
Khair...LOL! I was just SO high a minute ago :P And was going nuts :P
And now I'm crying over my post :O! :P Tut-tut-tut Psh. Bachi ^_^ :P
*Sigh* I guess I'll just stop here :D
G'nyte, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams. XD

I love my Mom. Dad. Bhai. Annie. Laiba. Rija. SaraH. Hajra. Zunaira. Express. Haya Mohammad. My whole class =p All the babies in the world <3. butameez ="p]">
Not to forget John Thornton :D
Lowe you too --
[Oh yea and the title :P *coughs* I couldn't think of anything :O! :P]
[Oh oh and LOL! I reached the twitter limit XD. Soo I CAN'T TWEET ANYMOREEE!! *sniifff*
Laters then :(]

Friday, December 4, 2009

Losing XD.

Hey XD.
I could’ve tweeted about my feelings today just like any other day…But I don’t know why am I blogging…Maybe because I haven’t blogged in ages…Maybe because not many people read my tweets…or simply…maybe because I wanted something like what I’m going to blog today to you know…you know :P Yeah. Get it :) :P *hehem*
So I just realized today…My problems are not worth crying XD.
Money comes and goes, right?
All that matters is that you have the people you love with you. XD.
Today I saw a mother crying…Who lost her son yesterday XD. He was just 2 and a half year old…
And I was just looking at her…And she was talking about him…
“Mera beta…Mera beta..” XD
I had tears in my eyes XD. And they buried him in Jeddah…And you know…It’s cold there…And she was like “Usko saardi lagri hogi..”
Imagine a father burying his own son XD. Imagine a sister losing her brother =
I can not =/ I will not. I can’t think of losing my brother…And so I always pray I die before him =.
And that little boy has a twin sister XD. She is adorable…She was just wandering around…had no idea what’s going on…
How would she feel when she grows up…and finds out that she had a twin brother XD.
After looking at her a few times…and kissing on her cheek…I went in Zunman’s room…and we both started doing physics…And she came…and sat in my lap XD.
And and my arms were around her… I made her draw stuff…and then she pointed at my hand telling me to put it around her hand…so we both could draw together XD.
Such Cuteness I tell you XD.
Everybody loses somebody XD. Leaves a mark behind. Nobody can cover up.
This is the way it goes XD.
I have SO strong…like..Emotions in me right now…That was the best way I could describe it XD But…I just can’t write the way I feel right now…
Khair XD. May God give patience to all those who have lost somebody XD.
Guess that’s it for now :)
Schools starting on Sunday XD. Lol. Ab tau ge kaam say main :P
G’nyte – Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams. Take care.
Lowe ya.