Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sigh. Last color day of AS. Sad. Isn’t it? Yea who gives a damn. There are so many things that can make a person happy. My sister- Annie-gets happy just by looking at her cell phone. Laiba is happy as long as nobody tells her to do something...
Seeing my dad smile is like the biggest thing for me. It makes me smile. I cry from happiness. Now that’s another thing, that I cry on almost everything. Why the hell do I cry? I’m just too sensitive. People are short-tempered, jolly, boring and I’m a cry-baby. Wow. Well, now I’m not a cry-baby like Nimrah, who was a physco in our class long ago, who cried on watching David Copperfield. Yea fine it was touching.
But that was too much. The whole class was watching it together, and you could hear sniffles, not trying to be mean, but that was really annoying.
Long ago, maybe in grade 4, my classmate, her name started with something “D”. she used to cry even if u smiled at her!!! The whole day she would be crying and crying. So in short people who think I’m a cry-baby, should think again.
The other love of my life is my jaanu brother, my princess, my life…people who know me know that very well…and people who know that Rija loves her mom like anything…just want them to know that I love my brother just like that…I cry when I see him…I cry when he leaves….I cry when I see him hurt…Every time I lift my hands for Dua…my heart cries out for his life and health in this world and hereafter…gosh and I just can’t wait for him to get married…I’ll be the best “phupho”…going to love his kids just like mine…hope he gets the best wife ever…hope she loves him more than I do…I so want to know who is it…and make her best friend…I still have this cup we got 2 years ago from Danube when we went shopping for the farewell…not surprising to anybody but it is to me…because whatever I have is usually kharab…mum says I should wear clothes made out of metal…bhai bought me so many headphones which I have ruined…the new books we got for A-Levels…look so purani…I never took of anything…never took care of myself…I love you bhai :) and I love all brothers out there :P (6) I like Wijdan, Yasir, Fary k bhai ka name yaad nae because they have so “F” “F” names that I get confused, yes and not to forget SaraH ka bhai Hassan…yea I’m a weirdo…sometimes I also think that…I’m starting to like who I am…am proud to be like this…not going to change for anybody…I’ll keep long nails because I like to….I’ll drink pepsi because I like it…I’ll listen to those lovey dovey songs because I like them…not going to like techno, rija…I’ll keep my hair open because I like them like that…I will look at guys when I go out…because I like it…call me whatever you want…people might call me a slut just because I talk to guys…but I know I’m not one…I know me…started from happiness…BAH…confusing…
-sorry- Rija would be a media producer, scriptwriter, film director and much much more InshAllah.-and not to forget me and SaraH would be amongst her first casts.
-love Sarah's Blog :)
Ms. Sajda was SO right :P we ain't gna study at home. we'll make everybody proud one day. Rija would be a great architect. Sarah the best gynecologist. Me. I'll be something too. Someday. show the world who I am. Make my parents proud. Help people. Show the world how it feels to be in control. Make my kids proud, and be the best Mommy. Make my husband happy. I Love my kids already. and you too-


I SUCK at writing!!! I do write but not like this. Get it? No.

Rija Yousaf, one of my closest friends suggested that I start a blog. So I did. Though I don’t listen to her most of the times.

It’s purple skies, because when I was making it my table caught my eye, which is purple, and then I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It had to be something purple. Not to forget purple is one of my favorites.

Heard about the “war” in Pakistan. That is so bad. Why kill? And woh bi students!! Losing humanity day by day. Never liked Pakistan. And don’t think that I ever will. Just hating it more with every second. If I say that to somebody, they go like “what!!! You crazy!!?” my choice whatever I like whatever I do. Nobody has any right to tell me…and the thing with me is that if somebody forces me to do something, I get really really annoyed and angry. Gawsh…its just so sad…the students who died…they have a family too…mothers….fathers…sisters…I just can’t imagine a sister losing her brother…and the pain she’d be going through…I can’t live without my brother…and when I think about it…I feel as if I’m going to go crazy…nothing matters…all I need is Bhai…I can do anything for him…All these killers and murderers…don’t they ever think? Don’t they have feelings? Don’t they have families? Wish the world was a better place…

Today all the bio-students were sitting together, and it was great talking. Started from cockroaches-thanks to Saima who picked up a cockroach and threw it on us-and kartay kartay we started talking about how we treat insects and animals. So many disgusting things came up that Hiba was just about to throw up. Mehwish’s brother used to put ants on fire, and she said that sound like “paa-taaaa-khhhh” came. That is so mean. I’m mean too. I don’t like to kill insects, but I do like torturing them (6)

Then we talked about different kinds of diseases. It was fun. I love it when everybody is together. Best time of the day is with THIR ATHIF THAYAAL (Sir Asif Sayaal). So much fun copying him. His typical words “so jussee (just see)….kehta hai k….hey hey hey (ha-ha-ha)” Gawsh! He has a blunt butt.haha. Started to notice it because of rija. “talk to the butt”. We are so butameez. Yesterday ms. Came to call him, and he smiled and was like “hey-hey-hey” and zonia said out loudly “sir ko dhaikho, kitna kush ho rahay hain” How embarrassing for him. Haha.

I don’t know what love is…but I love everybody…with a few exceptions…most deserving out of all…are definitely…Rija and SaraH…at times they do feel k I don’t love them…but I do…the most…it was hard to survive without sarah for 2 days…without Rija I feel that nobody knows me at all…I’m incomplete without them…they are the ones who made me realize that I am somebody…nobody knows how much I owe Rija…and my day isn’t complete without talking to SaraH…miss my old group…we were 5…me. Rija, SaraH, Fary and Deej…it was just so perfect…always up to something…me being the one always getting caught by teachers…taking pictures in the chemistry lesson…eating carrots in the morning…talking dirty…loved Fary’s laughter…her guy-voice on the phone…and our usual “pagal ho gayi ho kia”…Deej’s chin thingie…crying because one of us was crying…partying…loved swimming at Deejs place…I can never forget what she did with the coconut…I laughed so much…that I vomited…and Wijdan and Yasir got up suddenly when they saw me running to the washroom…hhaha…they thought something happened to me…last party at my place…5 of us…sat behind the sofa…talking…taking pictures…ate there…going crazy to see Rasheed…sigh…we were so crazy about him…best day was at Faisiliyarahim…our so called “guardian”…was supposed to make sure we weren’t up to something…and he was the one leading us to every stupid thing…he and fary ran away…then we both ran away…fooling with people…5 of us…big girls and 1 boy…were running in the opposite direction of the elevator…everybody was looking…and we hadn’t given a damn…if we had stayed any longer there…the guards would have had kicked us out…it was just amazing…and the last last party when we 5 were together was at faryals…watched Norbit…laughed our asses off…we’d repeat the part when they throw the baby out of the car…and when Rusputia jumps In the swimming pool…again and again…they call me Rusputia..i don’t know why…