Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey =D XD.

Omg. I’m blogging after a long time XD. And I have a feeling that it’s going to be one long post =D =D HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? I’m great. Perfect. =) Ly.

Baha get to the point silly Nosh! -_- So so I had an amazing weekend XD.

Wednesday…Wasted the whole day *Proud smile*

Thursday… Got up 8:30 in the morning…[Fainted? It’s ok honey =/ Even I was shocked :P]…Till 10 I was quietly cleaning here and there XD. At 12 left for a friends place…came back around 6-somehting…Then went out at night. Had a great time with Annie XD.

Friday… Got up at 7 XD. [DIED? It’s ok I died too :P And and can you believe it that I just slept 5 hours XD? I know I know you don’t :P Melaw buchaw <3]

Went to PCG. [I didn’t know what it stood for =/ Pakistan Cultural Gathering. -_-]

And from 10 to 6 me and Yashma Akmal [A junior..In grade 9 XD] were together XD. I had an amazing time.

Everything was free there :P That was one reason we were so happy :P XD Psh. :P

Any ice cream. Any juice. This and that. STICKERS! =D Balloons (A).

Cotton Candy \m/ And etc. –

So first the teenagers had a tug of war :P Me and Yashma were together \m/ And like Duh my team won :P And and for that we got SO cool rings (A). =D

Like two rings that fit together to give one XD. Just like those heart lockets..That can be separated in to two. One person keeps one half and the other keeps the other one. Yeah exactly just like that shorty ;) Hiba took my half of the ring XD. ROFL. Says she’s going to wear it for the rest of her life :P And after 10 years when we’ll meet…We’ll join the rings :P XD. Oh Hiba I love you. <3


Welcome to Nosh News (NN). Aaj ki Taaza tareen important khabar yay hai k Nosheen Malik Ghulaam Nasrullah ki Birthday hai 7th March ko. Psh.

Aaj k liyay bus itna…Miltay hain aglay haftay isi waqt per. :D]

Welcome back to the post -_- Omg. My feet ache XD. And and the liner-effect o_O NEEND! But I’m not going to sleep before I upload this post. Hpmh. Ily.

Oh well after that…You know those air-thingy’s? Like this thing filled with air…are huge…and and kids jump in those :D So yeah what-ever-that-thing-is-called…We jumped in it *shows teeth*. Ouch. I don’t know how the kids jump. I got hurt -_- And I was scared =/ Oh oh OMG! This lil girl there…Around 6 came up to me…(Me, Namwer, Hiba, Yashma…)…Were sitting in that air thing…And said…

G = “Aap yahan say hatain…Mujhay YAHIN jump kerna hai”

N = “Nae, Jump some where else…I came here first”

(Psh. She didn’t have one front tooth -_-]

*The girl kicks me*

N = “Did you just kick me? Go jump there” *points at the other corner*

G = “Kyun? Wahan jump kerna zaroori hai?”

N = “Tau yahan Jump kerna zarooori hai” *Pissed*

G = “Batameez…Moti…Naughty” *Scratches my arm* o_O. Now Hiba comes in to the scene… “Kia hai? Tameez nae hai?”

G = “Kaali Choyai (Black Mouse) Aap ko kuch kaha?”

*We all burst out laughing* But you have NO idea….HOW pissed *I* was XD.

Phir uski thori aur baysti ki humnay but she still wouldn’t shutup =/


It’s going to be inappropriate to mention the next part…But I want to mention it *g1*

She saw Yashma sitting next to me…And said to her… “Potty ker ri ho?” -_-

Somebody shoot me. I swear. XD. *g1* *g1* *g1*

So well…She left. Thank God -_- So when we came out of that air-thing…She was passing by -_- With her Mom. And I didn’t see her XD. Next thing I know is that she hits me on my butt =/ I was SO pissed XD. Her Mom saw it. And completely ignored it. So well…I controlled myself at that point XD.

Ate food then – Then then the McDonald people came=D [I know -_- I’m still a kid (A)]

BALLOOONS! Nice colours \m/ I took all colours :$ And and I had ‘em with me safe….but JUST when we were about to leave XD…I left my bag and balloons…Came back..And the Balloons were gone. *cries on the bed* Just one was left XD. And woh bhi I gave to this lil boy who was looking at me =) He was SO cute XD. He didn’t know how to talk…but he was trying XD XD XD XD XD.

And then there was face painting. :D YES! I GOT A BUTTERFLY XD. A green and black one on my left cheek :D I know…am a Kid again =/ So so…Guess what happened XD? [Aw mela bucha XD. *hugs* :P So like (*Eating Red Lays* :P)]

When Me and Yashma were in the waiting line…That Girl and her Mom were there -_- So blah I got my turn first…And the Mom said… “Are you a Littler girl? Stupid girl. Face painting kerwa rahi hai” and THERE! I HAD ENOUGH XD. I said “Aap ka kia masla hai?”

She said… “Main yahan pehlay ayi thi”…I said… “Tau main kia karun?”

(I know I was rude XD. But I was REALLY pissed…She should’ve seen her face…as if I was a dirty lil creature XD.) Then she kept on saying mean stuff to me. I completely ignored her. :P ROFL! Seriously XD. If people weren’t there…I think she would’ve killed me XD. Or slapped me. =/ Oh well. I’m strong. I know how to take my revenge XD. Seriously I’m not really that innocent and nice XD. Just DON’T EVER cross your limits with me XD. And I won’t cross mine. I do respect. But not to those who don’t respect me.

Oh well I LOVE Yashma for saying….”Something” on her face XD.

And yeah that still wasn’t it :P She went…And started telling this other lady about me. -_-

Grow up. $&%^&$^%&$%$^%$%#&$#&% -_- *g1*.

We had a quiz thing. General Knowledge. I passed Eheehe *shows teeth* XD =D

And and then we had this game called “Scavenger hunt” XD. 8 groups…With 5 girls in each. I was in the group with hot smesky Minarat chicks. Oh well we lost :$ :P

Anyhow. Me and Yashma had SO much fun together XD. And if I start listing everything we did…This is going to be a VERY long post…And people won’t read it =|

And if you have reached THIS line without skipping a line or without yawning and getting bored…I just love you. – From the core of my heart --

So I’ll just skip what we did through the hours and should tell you about what happened at 6 XD. This was when Annie and Ayesha asked me…If we should go home XD.

I said “No…Lucky Draw is going to take place :D”

~After half an hour~

“Sheena, Please am really tired…Let’s go…You still didn’t get anything”

“Please…Thori dayr aur XD”

~After twenty more minutes~

“C’mon…Legs ache...Got loads of work to do at home”

“Annie…See it’s my birthday…And and I KNOW God is going to me a gift =)”

~In that LAST 10 minutes~

I won thrice XD. I cried 8-). Like I KNEW it. And the fact that it came true…That god did give me a gift…Jus made me cry XD.

So I get to do free shopping at Centre point XD. I shall by me new shoes for my birthday =D And and ROFL. I also won the glucose blood level thing machine XD. I could’ve won the Dvd or the game boy or free tickets to Makkah XD…But I didn’t XD. And you know what…Mom was just telling me yesterday…That she thinks her blood sugar level is high XD. *hehem* No Mom can check it herself :P :D

*Eating Sour punk*

I’m REALLY tired XD.*Keyboard falls* Oopsy.

`I CAN write more…But:

(1.) Tired.

(2.) Got hw to do 8-)

(3.) Too long = People will get bored

(4.) I love you *hehem* <.< *shows teeth*. I really do.

I don’t want to read it and take out my mistakes XD. Just tell me if I have any mistake –

G’nyte, Slptyte, Swtdreams XD.

Take care and have a nice day tomorrow. Love you.


  1. :D!

    Huh? What's with the post before this?

  2. I swear I'd have said BC to the girl on her face. And her mother. Boy oh boy, how I wish I was there too.

    Anyway, seems like you had one hell of a day. =]



  4. SO!? 8-) Face painting...Just a SMALL butterfly :$

  5. Read it all ;) Love you too <3 :P :D
    Hahaha oh wow I love those! Bouncy castle thingies? :P Haha, FUN! :D :D

  6. someone had an awesum day....

  7. OHMYGODYOUWENTTOTHAT! I WAS GOING TO GO but I was like 'Whateverr.'


    I am going to kill you tomorrow.

    Or maybe on Monday.

    I love you though.

  8. arwww Sheenaaa! Gosh you writee so much! :D Awesome blog. I read itttttttt allll! xxxxx

  9. lolss i read the whole thing :D usually i avoid long post but i couldnt help it... it was very interesting specially that lil rude kid part .... gosh some parents :S