Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes you got it….Today was great and awesome and nice too XD :D
Last night when I got the news about Mariam Z….the first thing I did was call SaraH and told her that we’re going to school tomorrow XD. And that I’m not going to miss something like this ever. :D And SaraH was saying she hates me *hehem*. Cuz she was in the mood of not-coming. And how she had planned she’d study and everything and I ruined it for her. But kertay kertay she said she’ll come if I make loads of pancakes for her XD. And I said ok XD. So last night I was up till 4 XD. Making pancakes for her =/
And then she called in the morning to tell me that she’s not coming. =/
Cuz she was sick. *hehem* Bahahahaha. Oye shh. Not funny :P -_-
[Get well soon girlfiend *:5* (L)].
And I was so sleepy and tired to be pissed at her *hehem*.
Anyhow…The thing I came to school just lasted for like 2 minutes XD. I clapped as hard as I could :D. And you should’ve seen Mariam’s expression when she was on the stage XD. So proud to have so smart friends. *wipes away tears*. :’)
And *hehem* we hugged her so many times :P :D XD.
Hope you do great agay bhi in life Mariam XD :D :D :D [Pst. Thank you for the cake :P]
Oh I received a message \m/ It’s Hajraa :D :D So she’s been high and weird all day. Called so many times and was laughing on everything I said :P
Specially the part about the chicken XD *dies of embarrassment*
Like in my last post I was happily telling that…
“…..Nosh: “A chicken. A chicken and hen are two different animals”
Rija: “Where does a Chicken come from?”
Nosh: “A hen” -_-
Yes this is how dumb I am -_- Hen is a male chicken. I know now. :P”
LOL! When Rija told me in the morning that hen is a FEmale. I wanted to die :P
“This is how dumb I am” And then I do another dumb thing by saying it’s male. :P Males don’t lay eggs *bangs head in the wall*.
And when I told my Mom she laughed so much :O! Anyhow.
Hen is female. A female hen who lays eggs. I will never forget now. :$
So bla. I was free almost the entire day. In double maths I was SO lonely *wipes away tears*. So I did my Chem paper XD. And then played table-tennis \m/ :P :D
OMG! *dies of laughter*. Hajra’s Grandmother told her that she made that poem thingy…“Lul-la Lul-la lorry….Doodh ki katory...”

*dies again*. HAHA!
Oh and we were talking about our bachpun-stuff today…I’ll tell you a few :D
Hajra’s maid almost kidnapped her :O!
Amna used to feel sorry for the maid so she used to make the maid sit and do her work. *hehem*.
When Iqra was 6 months…Her brother took the scissors and cut her ear. =/
Zonia put hot iron on her sisters arm :O! And and her maid was mean to her…so she sharpened two pencils and put them up the maid's nose. HAHAH! *hehem*.
As goes for me. My mom tells me that I was so fat that nobody picked me up for long :’( *hehem*. Meaness. And that I ate a lot since the beginning :P
And in Chem I was SO bored. I was drawing emoticons on my book. =/
O crap…
Got loads to write but it’s 11:40 :O! And I have to go study =(
So I’ll stop here XD. =)
G’nyte, Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams XD. Take care and have a nice day tomorrow =)
~Love you~


  1. And three of us ate them too, and they were SO YUMMILICIOUS =D

    National Hugging Day! Yay! :D

    Gawsh. I was cringing at most of the childhood stories :|

  2. Her brother took scissors and cut Iqra's ear WTF