Monday, February 1, 2010

Love my life.

Hey again :P :D
I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away for long without telling you how my day went :P
SO OMG!!! IT WAS A NICE DAY! =D But the starting was a lil…Sleepy :P
I was SO sleepy in the first two physics lesson. =/ I was just looking at Mrs. blankly…And and after that we had a lesson off. Then Biology. As usual it took us 2 lessons in checking just 2 questions -_- After that we were free the rest of the day =D
And guess what…We didn’t have the Chem unit test for which I studied -_-
No school tomorrow *d4*. And MAYBE I’ll go to school on Wednesday to chill with Rija and SaraH and Hajra \m/
So last night at 10 I went to bed. But couldn’t sleep XD. Even though I was so tired and wanted to sleep so badly…[cuz I m-ed y.]
But then I slept by 11 I guess XD. And got up around 2-ish and just said “Omg, I love you sleep.” -_- *hehem*.
Oh wait lunch time \m/ Blah. Daal. Shoot me. I don’t like any daal but Masr (L).
~Brb Lowe~ *hehem*.
And now I got hiccups. O I love my hiccups. :P :D And my eyes hurt too.
No no I didn’t cry :P I’m just sleepy :S? And now my throat hurts. =/ *Hiccups getting louder* -_- :P
Ok so um. I feel weird because everyday I come home and get the lunch ready. Make tea. Wash the dishes. And get lost to my room. But today Halushka [Annie’s friend] made rice :P Annie made tea. Mom washed the dishes :O! IT’S MY JOB :O! :’(
O and crapness. I’m such a retard. I thought today was 22nd January *bangs head in the wall*. It’s 1st Feb. =/ AND TOMORROW IS LAIBA’S BIRTHDAY! *dies*.
*Still hiccupping* She’s going to be 11 mashAllah *wipes away tears*. :’)
Ok ok back to the school day :P So Hajra gave me a pack of Extra ki chewing gums...Anndddd me, Rija and SaraH E finished the whole pack 8-)
And and tried making huge bubbbllllleess =D I made the largest \m/ =D
LOL! I can’t explain you exactly what else we did with the chewing gums 8-)
So neexxtttt. We [Hajra, Rija, SaraH E, Rabia, Zunman and meee =D] sat there infront of AS ki class till home time XD. And Zo me God. We started talking about one thing…and ended up on a totally different topic XD.
We talked about animals XD. :P :D O and I can’t tell you what we talked about 8-)
It’s um a lil too embarrassing. :P Including Panda and crabs *hehem* (6) :P
And and chickens too \m/
So this how a lil part of the conversation went…
Nosh: “So you can take the chick home…and slaughter it” - *gives an evil laugh*
Rija: “But if I keep it alive…It’ll grow into a hen” - *with a huge smile*
Nosh: “No, it won’t.”
Rija: “What will it be then?”
Nosh: “A chicken. A chicken and hen are two different animals”
Rija: “Where does a Chicken come from?”
Nosh: “A hen” -_-
Yes this is how dumb I am -_- Hen is a male chicken. I know now. :P
And and pata hai we 4 have such a different choice of animals that we want to keep when we grow up :P Hajra wants an elephant. SaraH E wants tiger cub. Rija wants a chimpanzee [one she would pamper. =/] And I want a Horse <3.
And then kertay kertay we ended up talking about grandparents. Like like we were imagining the grandmother sitting on the rocking chair. Knitting. The cat sitting at her feet. And a cup of coffee on the table <3 And and the grandfather is like sitting listening to the radio. The news. “And the war is over.” And they both are worried cuz their son was in the war. Scared for his death. But then the door bell rings. Grandmother opens the door. There he is. *wipes away tears*. “Ma, I’m back” And he picks her up. And goes round and round. :P :D And then Grandfather comes and says “I’m proud of you my son.” XD. Nice nae =)? :P Say yes. -_- :P
And you know what I feel like having Karaylay for some weird reason since 2 days.
*bangs head in the wall*.
And then we gave Personality awards :D :D :D \m/
Started off the SaraH E. We thought and thought. But didn’t come up with why we love her so much. Why I love her so much.
So we gave her the award for something, the white matter in her, the hidden thing because of which we love her. “Everybody loves SaraH.” (L).
Hajra got the award…Because she’s the type of a friend who would do anything for you XD. Sacrifices a lot =D And she’s wise. And WE LOVE HER LAUGH!! XD =D =D
Zunman got the award of being…the type of a person who really cares about what is going to happen before she does anything. Quiet. Lost in her world. XD (Y).
Rabia got one for being really friendly =) Rabbit :P *hehem*.
Rija…I can talk and talk about this girl XD. A person who’d give you the best advice. A person who’d listen to you with care. A person who is really good at heart XD.
A person who I try to follow myself XD. :’)
Last is ME! =D They said that I am really strong XD. And that if a person loves me once…I’d love the person a billion times back. XD *hehem*.
Oh and Mariam Z. was passing by at that time…So we asked her to sit with us and we gave her an award too :D Because she’s a really nice girl…Helping…Annndddddddd I never saw her angry :P and she’s a great friend XD =D
And then we gave out the sucky awards :P
Hajra got one...Because she sucks at lying :P and for her fake attitude :P
[Girl I can even tell on the phone that you’re lying or something *hehem* :P]
Sarah got it for something again that we don’t know about :P
Zunman got it for being really quiet -_-
Rija because she can’t say “No” to anyone -_- [In class if some one asks her to do something…I’m the one saying “No” for her -_-]
And Mariam got one because she sucks at choosing what she sucks at :P *hehem*.
I got one because of my mood swings -_- Everyone hates it when I do that. And Rija hates it when I fight with SaraH and get pissed at her :P
Oh and hahaha we gave a sucky award to Rabia cuz she multitasks….and we can’t do it as well as she does :P *hehem*.
Oh and *yawn* I’m going to sleep now. Then get up raat ko and study till morning \m/
O and I took part in Urdu Debates again for Rija XD.
And so *yawn* G’nyte XD. I’m home alone once again -_- And I feel like having something sweet. -_-
Sleeptyte, Sweetdreams, Take care and have a nice day tomorrow XD.
~Lowe you~


  1. i wanaaa have a snakeeeeeeee although im scared of it or a tiger tooo......then again...
    howw doo u studyyyyy two strait lessons.....
    anywayyyy HATSSS OFF!!!!

  2. Ah, good day. I love you all :')

  3. Heeeehehehe! :D How we loved today.

    And we're such good mommys. *wipes away tearS* =p

    EverybodyLovesSarah. <3

  4. hmm, i don't think "quiet" is the correct word for my suckiness award, i prefer "secretive"
    and i suck at saying what i think, i have converstaions in my mind but they never come out in words. (i wish they did)
    i wsn't there for the pet thing, good thing i wasn't there 'cause i'm not exacly a pet person.
    everybody loves "sarah, rija, nosh, HNIK)

  5. Awww! I know you talked about animals because you were missing me =p

    NO HAMSTERS? =( *dies*

    I want a chimpanzee,an elephant too =(

  6. "I can't explain you exactly what we did with the chewing gums"

    Hahaha. I wanna know. :P

  7. YAAAY. I love today too =D

    Thanks for the awesome awards guys. Aaaaand I just remembered, I'm suckish at sympathisizing people, right HNIK? :D

    Ah. I'm teary all over again =')

  8. I just Googled 'panda boobs'.

  9. Blog sentence of the day:

    "And now I got hiccups. O I love my hiccups. :P :D"


    It's like reading a children's story book :D

  10. @Osama - I don't like Hamsters that much :P
    @Hamster - Too bad I ain't telling you :P
    @SaraH - LOL!I saw how you were treating your daughter HNIK :P *hehem*
    @zunman @kittenonrun @Hnik - I love you guys. =)
    @Talz - as always I liked your comment :P :D :D

  11. hahah(awwww) sheena u wrote sooooo much!!! buh yaa it was FUN today!!!