Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Normally it would be like....
You'd be sleeping. IT'S 12 O'CLOCK. We all gather and come in your room...Holding the cake I made XD.
Wake you up...And..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!" =D =D =D And hugs and smiles...
Always made chocolate...Even though you never liked it! XD. 

Today I made a cake...Yes chocolate again....
IT'S 12 O'CLOCK! XD. Nothing happens. I'm all panicked in the kitchen and my heart beating fast...Because I still have so  much to do :S
It's 12:06....
Mom... "You can wish me at 12......".
"MOM. It's already 12 XD". *Walks out of the kitchen*.

Mom in the kitchen. Bhai in his room. Annie doing her own work. Crying too. XD.
Laiba busy playing with the kids...and doesn't remember it's your birthday...
All so separated. So I just walk in to your room. Sit down. Think of it again...
Of how it would've been if you were still here. :S XD. 
Then around 12:30...We cut the cake =D Bhai cut it. I wanted to cut it. D: Weird I tell you =[ 
Hehe. I remember telling Rija and SaraH earlier this year that how much I wished for you to be
 old...too that you could do nothing...And then *I* would do everything for you. 
*I* would. 
Don't have more words...or anything to say...
Just...Happy 59th Birthday! XD. =)
(2007) - Dammam. =]

(2007) - Eid. Hehe. Love your smile...

(2009). Home. Meh! Strong grip Xd. 
Dammam again. All the cats came. =| 
1st March - 2009. Last picture ever. XD.
For you. =]
Love you. 


  1. I love this post =)
    sheennawww <3<3 *hugss*

  2. *sigh*
    Yes, I did cry! I thought I had it all together, but the very thought made me cry.
    I just pray that your soul rests in peace and may Allah grants you a place in Heaven. *Ameen*
    I'm glad, you don't have to suffer or go through pain for us :) You are in a better place. InshAllah!

    Laiba, indeed, is still a child, so young, extremely naive! I hop we don't spoil her a lot

    Thank you Sheen a

  3. Happy Birthday uncle :)

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle n_n.

    Will miss the apple milkshakes.

  5. Happy birthday to your dad. :)

  6. Awww Sheeenaaaa

    first of all i wanna hug you tightt for such a such a heart touching post =]

    Happy birthday to uncle
    He Must be very happy up there in the heavens watching you doing all this for him .. you both are very lucky ! he has sucha sweet daughter and you had a great father =]]!!

    this post made me think about the things i never ever wanna loose =[[

    P.s: Pictures are too good =D
    who did that * happy birthday annie thingy * ? its very artistic xD
    and your dad was a graceful man =]]

    and i soo soo want to meet you now .. come fast to pakistan =]]!

    Keep smilinggg! =]]
    best wishes =]]

  7. Happy birthday to your dad. You guys have certainly made him proud =)

  8. Happy Birthday Uncle :)

  9. Sheena, you are so strong to have written this post. To this day, I can't stare for a full minute at a photo of my father. It's just too painful. And you have strewn your post with such lovely and memorable photos to last a lifetime.

    All I will say, is wow. :)

  10. I..... have no words. :S
    I dont want to make you sad or anything and I hope I dont but................... I respect your love for your dad.

    And :') at "earlier this year that how much I wished for you to be
    old...too that you could do nothing...And then *I* would do everything for you.
    *I* would."

  11. When I said, make you sad. I meant. Remind you of stuff and times that would make you sad. Just clearing.